Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022

Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022

Backyard birds are some of the most beautiful creatures to grace our planet. They help pollinate plants, keep insect populations in check, and provide hours of entertainment for humans. One of the best ways to attract birds to your yard is to have a bird box. A bird box, also known as a birdhouse is a small structure designed to provide a cozy home for birds to breed and raise their young. There are hundreds of bird boxes available online so it might become confusing for you to buy the right sparrow bird box. So in order to ease your work I have listed some of the Best Sparrow Bird Box in India 2022.

Types of Bird Box

1. Open front nest box-

This nest box has a big front entrance and it is ideal for birds like robins, Wren, Blackbird, Song Thrush, etc. As it has a big entrance, predators can easily attack it. So place it on a wall or fence that has bushes or leaves so that it remains hidden from the sight of the predator.

Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022

2. Small hole nest box-

A small hole nest box as the name suggests is a small circular entrance and it is ideal for tree sparrows, house sparrows, and blue and coal tits. The size of the hole depends on which bird species will use it. For tree sparrows, the diameter of the hole should be around 25mm and for house sparrows, it should be around 32mm.

Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022

Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022-Buying Guide

1. Size of the bird box hole-

If you are purchasing the sparrow bird box ensure the size of the entrance is around 25mm to 32mm or 5 to 7cm.

2. Materials-

The nesting box you are purchasing may be colored, dyed, or metal, but make sure the interior of the bird box should be left untouched. Look for red cedar or bald-cypress bird homes. Pine and plywood work as well, although they will need to be replaced more frequently.

3. Spacious-

Space is an important attribute that you should take into consideration before purchasing a bird box. Make sure the bird box is spacious enough so that the sparrow and their children can accommodate comfortably.

4. Roof-

The bird box should have a sloped roof so that the water does not get accumulated in the bird box.

Top 5 Best Sparrow Bird Box India 2022

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  •  A wooden 4 MM MDF Sheet is used to build this bird box
  • This Bird House Measures 18 X 16 X 20 CM (L x B x H).
  • It comes with a hanging hook thread so that you can hang it on the balcony, walls, window, garden, etc.
  • It has a hole of 6cm which is enough for your sparrow to enter and exit.


  1. It is waterproof.
  2. It is sturdy and durable.
  3. Attractive and beautiful design.


Some of the customers received damaged products.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It is made of recycled wood.
  • The Dimensions of the bird box are 31 x 20.3 x 21 cm and weigh around 4 kg.
  • It has a specifically designed hole for sparrows which prevents other predators from entering inside.
  • It has a drainage hole below the bird box.


  1.  good quality wood is used and it is very thick.
  2. sturdy product.
  3.  hole in the base to prevent water from remaining
  4.  amazing design and colour and a must for every terrace garden.


Risk of getting attacked by the predator.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It is constructed of high-grade 9MM Russian wood.
  • It measures 16 x 15 x16 cm (L x B x H).
  • It comes with hanging holes so you can hang it on the balcony, wall, or terrace.
  • It has a 5.2cm entrance hole.


  1. Installation is very easy.
  2. It is also suitable for use as a decorative item in your house.
  3. Suitable in all weathers.


should be more spacious from the inside.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It is made of environmentally-friendly safe wood.
  • It measures 28 X 21.5 X 20 CM  (L x B x H).
  • The sides of the box are removable which makes it easier to clean.
  • It is suitable for various birds like Pigeon, Parrot, Cockatiel, Sparrow, Budgies, and many more.


  1. Good air ventilation.
  2. Enough space.
  3. Easy to check birds.
  4. Bird-friendly design.


Slightly expensive.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It is made of recycled wood.
  • The Dimensions of the bird box are 31 x 13 x 13 cm and weigh around 500 gm.
  • It has a specifically designed hole for small birds like sparrows which prevents other predators from entering inside.


  1. Simple to install.
  2. Predator proof design
  3. Eco-friendly.


Overall quality can be slightly improved.

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1. How to hang a birdhouse/ bird box?

Bird Box should generally be hanged at a height of  5-6 feet. It can be hanged freely in a branch but some birds feel insecure due to moving house. It can be fixed on a sturdy surface or strong wall which will feel them more comfortable and protected. You can fix your bird house with a screw.

2. How much does a bird box cost?

The cost of the bird box depends upon various factors like bird type, size, etc. It has a price range starting from 200 INR to approx 1500 INR.

3. Where’s the best place to put a birdhouse/bird box?

In heavily rainy areas, it is best to attach a wooden box in a sheltered location, whereas in extremely hot places, a cooler, shaded location is required. To protect fragile eggs from severe breezes or storm rain, the entry hole should always face away from the wind direction.

4. How to get birds to use a birdhouse?

Although there is no guarantee when a bird will use your bird box, you can do the following things to attract them –

  1. Food- provide the food in the bird box so they can get attracted to it and may decide to shelter as there is plenty of food for their offspring.
  2. WaterAll birds require fresh water for drinking and bathing, and a quality water resource may increase the appeal of a yard to nesting birds.
  3. Bushes/ShrubsMake sure you place the sparrow bird box in the area where there are bushes, plants, and shrubs so they can feel secure and can feel like a natural habitat to them. 

5. How often should you clean out a bird box?

Cleaning your birdhouse is very important. We recommend cleaning it at least once per year or when you are sure the nest box is no longer occupied.

Final Thoughts

As bird lovers, we should buy a sparrow bird box or bird box for any other birds. By doing this we can observe them and can also help to preserve the bird species. Our top selections are Nature Forever Nest Box, Deskart Bird House for Sparrow, Hummingbird, PetNest BirdHouse for Love birds, Sparrow, Hummingbird, Kingfisher. If you have any questions comment down below we will try to answer them as soon as possible, Thank You.

Hopefully, you found it helpful

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