Best Silent Dog Nail Grinder In India 2021

Best Silent Dog Nail Grinder In India 2021


Do you want to cut your dog’s nails? Anyone who has tried—and failed—to remove a dog’s nail using a set of typical dog nail clippers will be relieved to find that there is an alternative, short of seeing your physician or groomer: silent dog nail grinder. Consider them to be a high-powered nail file that uses friction to trim and shape your dog’s nails.

Allow your pet to investigate and smell the tool prior to actually turning it on for a good nail grinding session. Then turn it on so they can get adjusted to the sound before you start grinding their nails, making sure to provide lots of nutritious snacks along the process.

I have also listed the buying guide so you can can buy right silent nail grinders for your dog and have also mentioned Top 5 Best Silent Dog Nail Grinder In India 2021

Dog Nail Grinder vs Dog Clippers

  • When compared to nail clippers, nail grinders are safer, faster, easier to use, and less painful. Even though it does not include any cutting or bleeding, it produces the very same outcomes as clipping, namely neatly trimmed nails after each usage. So, if you want a quick and easy approach to cut your dog’s nails, nail grinders are the ideal solution.
  • Nail grinders are completely safe for your pet and will save you time and energy.
  • Because they are portable and do not require regular maintenance, you may use them whenever and wherever you like.
  • You may take them with you while travelling or on a trip. Nail grinders are superior to clippers since there is no bleeding or discomfort involved.
  • Nail grinders are the ideal alternative for dogs who have lengthy nails that are tough to cut with clippers.

The greatest dog nail grinders are those that you are most at ease with. Whatever helps you feel at ease and comfortable when clipping your pet’s nails is the ideal option. In this post with a buying guide, I attempted to cover all features of a dog nail grinder.

Silent Dog Nail Grinder -Buying Guide

1. Size-

The dog nail grinders come in a variety of sizes. Some grinders are specifically developed for little dogs. They feature a tiny grinding wheel and a small head. These grinders are ideal for dogs with short nails.

Grinders with bigger heads and grinding wheels are also available. These grinders are ideal for large dogs. If you understand your pet’s weight and size, you can simply choose the proper size of nail grinder.

2. Type-

Some nail grinders are controlled by a simple button device. These grinders don’t need to be charged or have batteries to work. There are, however, some more modern dog nail grinding devices that run on rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable grinders are more costly, but they are more easy to use because there is no need to bother with a cable.

2. Materials-

There are grinders made of plastic but they can get damaged and are not very durable 

You can have grinders made of steel that are very durable and will not get damaged easily even if you grind the very hard dog nails on a daily basis.

 3. Noise- 

Some dogs can find the sound of the grinder irritating so you should go for a silent dog nail grinder which makes low noise and your pet will not get irritated or scared.

4. Price-

dog nail grinders come in a variety of wide price ranges from less than 1200rs  up to 5000rs.There are several grinders available for less than 1200 rs. These grinders are composed of plastic and may not be particularly long-lasting. There are, however, a little more costly grinders that cost up to 5000 rs. These grinders feature steel grinding wheels and may last longer.

Top 5 Best Silent Dog Nail Grinder In India 2021

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features –

  • It has a diamond bit grinder which is very safe and effective for trimming.
  • It has 3 ports. The small and medium ports are for pets that are small or medium in size. For bigger pets, the whole cover can be detached to expose the entire bit, allowing for easy nail trimming.
  • It can be recharged and comes with a USB cord.
  • It has a charge indicator which displays the charge level .
  • Suitable for birds, cats ,rabbits and dogs


  1. Grinder is very durable.
  2. Motor makes extremely low sound and vibration.
  3. It is highly portable and compact in design.



 It is expensive.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features –

  • It is a two speed cordless grinder that operates on 4 AA alkaline batteries. 
  • It consists of two grinding bands.
  • It can be used for 100+ hours before changing the batteries.
  • It has led light that helps in trimming.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats.


  1. It is cordless and easier to use.
  2. led light helps to trim safely and easily.
  3. It is lightweight and compact .


Durability is questionable.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features –

  • It is a 2 speed rechargeable nail grinder.
  • It has a high quality grade diamond bit grinder.
  • It has 3 ports and a superior quality brass motor.
  • It can run for 8 hrs after a quick charge of 1.5hrs.
  • It has a light indicator that shows the charging status.
  • It also includes a charging USB cable, clipper and file .


  1. Ultra quiet grinder .
  2. Can be used for longer duration after a quick charge.
  3. Long lasting and durable.


Torque of the grinding wheel is low .

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features –

  • It is constructed with high-quality PC material.
  • It requires only 2 C batteries to operate
  • It keeps out dust ,infection or bacteria during trimming.
  • Suitable for small breed dogs ,puppies ,cats and kittens .


  1. Extremely cheap.
  2. Extremely lightweight .
  3. It is user friendly.


underpowered to trim large dogs nails.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features –

  • It is made of plastic and has 2 forward and reverse speeds.
  • It operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • It makes a low noise of less than 50db.
  • It has a safety top and mini spot light.


  1. Handy in size
  2. Comfortable to hold
  3. Safety top to prevent hair winding


Not suitable to trim large hard nails.


1. Are nail grinders safe for dogs?

Yes, if used appropriately, nail grinders are completely harmless. Let us warn you that certain dogs hate having their nails clipped or ground, and they will attempt to move away from you while you are doing it.

If you worry while doing this, you run the risk of hurting your pet in some manner. So, before you use your nail grinder on your pet’s nails, make sure you practise on your own hands and perfect the technique.

2. How often should I grind a dog’s nails?

In general, you should cut your dog’s nails every 4 to 6 months. Allowing them to grow too lengthy might result in health issues such as splayfoot and therefore can harm a dog’s tendons. It’s time for a nail trim if you can hear your dog’s nails tip-tapping on the floor.

3. Is it better to grind or cut dog nails?

It is entirely dependent on your preferences. Some individuals like to clip the dog’s nails, while others prefer to grind them. If you are new to grooming your pet, we recommend that you begin by trimming his/her nails until you have learned the procedure and are confident in grooming your pet without injuring him/her. Once you’ve acquired these abilities, we recommend moving on to grinding the dog’s nails.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best dog nail grinder is a challenging task, and you must have good deep  information about the product to ensure that you get the finest equipment for your pet.

We have chosen the Top 5 Best Silent Dog Nail Grinder In India 2021 and provided detailed information about them. If you  have any questions or comments about the article, please leave them in the comments box and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for stopping here, and please return for more information.

Hopefully you  found it helpful !!

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