Best food for pomeranian puppy in India

Best Food For Pomeranian Puppy in India 2023

Pomeranian dog breed is an amazing dog breed . They have gained popularity in India. Those who are having them as their pet already know that they have a very sensitive stomach, you can not feed them anything. Therefore, I have mentioned the Best food for Pomeranian puppy in India, along with this I have also covered some of the healthy homemade options and also have given a complete diet chart which will make sure that your pomeranian pup will grow into a healthy and beautiful mature dog.

Best Food For Pomeranian Puppy in India 2023 - Buying Guide

Nutritional Need for your pom-

As it is a small dog breed its nutritional need is going to be less than that of a larger dog breed . Make sure to give them nutritious protein-rich food and moderate quantities of high-quality carbs as they are a very active dog breed.

Type of Food- 

There are generally two types of dog food available in the market that is dry food(Kibble) and wet food. You can go for either one however, it is preferable to go for dry food.


Depending on your budget, if you want dog food at a cheap price you can go for brands like Drools, Purepet, Chappi, etc. where the price can range between 300-700/- Rs. If you can spend a little more you can go for dog foods of brands like pedigree, which can cost you between 700- 1200/- Rs. And premium quality dog foods can cost you above 1200/- rs. For premium dog food you can go for brands like Royal Canin.


To prevent your dog from refusing to eat if the food is abruptly changed, be sure to pick a well-known brand and maintain a consistent supply of food.


It is important to check the ingredients whenever purchasing dog food. Make sure it includes meat as their primary product and should not contain a large amount of grains only. Make sure it does not contain any harmful additives as well.

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Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy in India 2022

1. PURINA PRO PLAN Puppy Dog Food for Small Breed

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients – 

  • Chicken 
  • Chicken oil
  • Fish and fish products 
  • Rice
  • Beet pulp fibre

Suitable for

All small breed puppies

Life stage-


Nutritional value- 

  • Protein- 30% 
  • Fat-21%, 
  • Fiber- 5%
  • Vitamin D – -1000IU/ kg 
  • DHA – 0.1%
  • Omega- 3 fatty acid -0.2%
  • Omega -6 fatty acid 1.5%


  1. Helps to enhance the immune response of your pup.
  2. Helps to prevent intestinal upsets.
  3. Helps to maintain your pup’s dental care.
  4. Helps to improve the health of joints.


Size of the kibble is big.

2. Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Paws

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients – 

  • Chicken Meal 
  • Chicken fat 
  • Whole grain wheat 
  • Whole grain sorghum
  • Whole grain corn

Suitable for

All Small  Puppies

Life stage


Nutritional value- 

  • Crude Protein- 24.5% 
  • Crude fat-15%, 
  • Crude fiber- 3%
  • Vitamin E -500IU/ kg 
  • Vitamin C -95mg/kg
  • DHA – 0.1%


  1. Does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or any other additives.
  2. Has DHA helps in the development of the brain.
  3. Easy to digest.
  4. Helps to make bones and teeth strong.


Contains grain

3. Pedigree Mother & Baby Puppy Dog Food

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Important Ingredients – 

  • Chicken and its by-product
  • Meat and its by-product
  • Soybean 
  • Soybean oil
  • cereal

Suitable for

all breed puppies

Life stage

Puppy(1.5 to 3 months)

Nutritional value- 

  • Crude Protein- 28%
  • Crude fat- 12%
  • Crude fiber-  5%
  • DHA – 0.1%


    1. Ideal for both pup and pregnant mother.
    2. Contains essential nutrients for the growth of the pup.
    3. Contains Vitamin E  which helps to build immunity.
    4. Contain fiber which is extremely good for the digestive system of a  pregnant or lactating mother.


  1. Contains meat by products
  2. Soybean is a questionable ingredient.

4. ROBUST Puppy Cereal

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients –

  • Multigrain flour
  • Milk protein
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals and vitamins

Suitable for

all breeds of dogs and cats

Life stage-

kitten and Puppy(1-3 months)

Nutritional value-

  • Protein- 32% 
  • Fat-20%, 
  • Fiber- 3%
  • Calcium 1.1% 
  • Phosphorous- 2.5%
  • Moisture-0.5%


  1. It contains good bacteria and various probiotics that help to keep the gut of the small pup happy.
  2. Preparing this cereal is very easy do not take much time.
  3. It is suitable for puppies and kittens as well as in their growing early age.
  4. Extremely easy to digest.


Price is quite expensive in comparision to the quantity of the cereal.


5. WOW DOG Nutrition Puppy cerelac Starter

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients –

  • Whey protein
  • Brown rice 
  • Mixed pulses
  • Garbanzo beans

Suitable for – 

All breeds

Life stage – 

Puppy(1-3 months)

Nutritional value-

  • Protein- 15 gm 
  • Fats-9gm
  • Fiber- 3%
  • Calcium– 400 mg
  • Phosphorous- 300 mg
  • Copper– 0.3 mg
  • Zinc- 2.50 mg
  • Iron- 7.2 mg
  • Vitamin A- 350 mcg
  • Vitamin B1- 0.37 mcg
  • Vitamin B2- 0.5 mcg
  • Vitamin B6- 0.4 mcg
  • Vitamin B12- 0.15 mcg
  • Vitamin C – 37.5 mg
  • Vitamin D – 5 mcg


  1. Helps in weight gain and proper growth of your pup.
  2. Contains tons of vitamins and minerals that help to prevent deficiency.
  3. Helps to improve the quality of the fur by making it glossy and shinier.
  4. Contains vitamin B(b1,b2,b6,b12) which helps to keep the nervous system healthy
  5. Helps to make the teeth and bones  strong.


some puppy may not found it palatable.

6. FARMINA N&D Pumpkin Dry Dog Food, Adult Mini Breed

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients

  • lamb
  • Chicken(chicken fats/ chicken cartilage)
  • Pea starch
  • Pumpkin, spinach
  • Dried Pomegranate,apple , blueberry ,orange
  • Dried whole eggs
  • Dried carrots

Suitable for

All adult mini  breeds.

Life stage

Adult Dog

Nutritional value-

  • Protein- 32% 
  • fat-20%, 
  • fiber- 3%
  • Calcium –1.1% 
  • Phosphorous- 2.5%
  • Moisture- 0.5%


  1. Most of its protein is from animal meat(chicken, lamb).
  2. Does not contains any grains or artificial ingredients.
  3. Helps to strengthen organs, tissues and the immune system.
  4. Contains a combination of veggies and fruits that provides antioxidants.
  5. Ensures the protection of the cardiovascular system, controls intestinal motility and has anti-inflammatory effects.


  1. Not easily accessible.
  2. Can be allergic to some.

7. Goodness Dry Dog Food - for Puppy, Adult Dogs

Customer Rating on Amazon

Important Ingredients –

  • Multigrain flour
  • Milk protein
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals and vitamins

Suitable for

All adult small breeds

Life stage


Nutritional value-

  • Protein- 32% 
  • Fat-22%, 
  • Fiber- 4%
  • Ash- 9%
  • Nitrogen Free Extract- 23%
  • Calcium –1.75% 
  • Phosphorous- 1.4%
  • Moisture-10%
  • Omega 6 – 2.35%
  • Omega3 – 3.1%
  • Energy- 389 kcal/100gm


  1. Contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps to keep hip and knee joints healthy.
  2.  No grains, only high-quality meat protein(lamb and salmon).
  3.  Has probiotics for maintaining stomach health.
  4.  Has omega 6 and omega 3 for good skin and hair health
  5.  Does not contain any useless fillers.


  1. May not be easily available.
  2. price is expensive 

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Diet plan for Pomeranian puppies and dogs in India?

Day 1 to 30

If your pup is just born or you have purchased the pup (Which I suggest you shouldn’t at such a small age ). The most important diet is its mother milk and nothing else. For some reason, if mother’s milk is not available. You can go for a milk replacer for puppies. Don’t give them cow and goat milk or any other milk.

From 1 to 3 months-

At this age don’t just start feeding them any commercial food. Instead, feed them cerelac(ROBUST Puppy Cereal, WOW DOG Nutrition Puppy cerelac Starter ) that I have already mentioned above . You also use Nestle celerac which are easily available in stores and online as well. Mix with the lukewarm water or milk replacer and feed your pup 3-4 times a day.

From 3 to 4 months (growing age)-

From this age, slowly start decreasing the cerelac in their diet and start giving them starter puppy food( Pedigree Mother & Baby Puppy Dog Food). You can slightly add water or milk replacer so that the food gets slightly moist which will be easier for them to eat. You can give boiled rice and (1)boiled egg, slightly boiled veggies, or you can give fruits like apple(remove the skin, slightly boiled and also remove seeds from the apple before giving) etc. can also include curd in their diet.

From 5 to 6 months-

 Start continuing to include curd or buttermilk, along with that you can also start giving them boiled chicken, boiled eggs(1- 2), boiled veggies, and fruits (apple, banana, water Mellon)you can also give them vegetable soup, rice water, chicken soup, chapati(not more than 1), khichdi, etc.

From 6- 12 months –

From this age, you can start giving normal puppy food instead of starter puppy food. And can continue the same diet 3 times a day just slightly increase the quantity of the food(not to overfeed them). Can give dog biscuits as a snack in small quantities.

From 1- 15 years-

You can start giving adult dog food, you can give boiled chicken, paneer, vegetables, lassi, fruits, chapati or roti(1-2), curd rice, 3-4 boiled eggs, and fish(boneless), etc. Feed them 2 -3 times a day, you can also give dog biscuits or chew sticks but only as a treat (in small quantities). And can add Salmon oil which helps to improve the quality of the hair.

Homemade Food For Pomeranian Puppy In India?

There are tons of homemade Food that you can give to your pom in India-

  1. Meats- chicken breast, lamb, fish etc.
  2. Grains- white rice or brown rice(can add some chicken in the rice), whole grain wheat, soyabean( soyabean can be allergic to some).
  3. Fruits- Banana, apple, strawberry, blueberry, orange 
  4. Vegetables- broccoli, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, peas, etc.
  5. Milk products- Paneer, curd(can also give  curd rice), buttermilk, lassi, etc.

Food that you should avoid giving a Pomeranian?

Things you should not give to your pomeranian dogs are as follows-Caffeine, chocolate, spices, onion, garlic, avocados, uncooked meat, etc.

Final thoughts

So, we have given you a very clear dietary solution for your Pomeranian puppy ranging from commercial to homely foods. But before you do any dietary changes, first consult your vet and also start giving them in a small quantity and later increase their doses. Most of the products mentioned are my personal utilised products and some are mentioned through deep research. I Hope, this has cleared all your doubts and if you still have any then feel free to comment below.

Thankyou for Reading!!

Hope, you found it helpful.

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