Best cheap hamster food India 2021

Best Cheap Hamster Food India 2021


Many individuals all around the world like having hamsters as pets. They require something more than simple nourishment. Along with the necessary stuff, you must provide high-quality, appropriate, and finest hamster food. Another explanation is because these small pals have a brief lifespan. This is why you must supply them with an appropriate diet to help them live longer lives. In exchange, they will keep you and your family entertained over a lengthy period of time. So in this article, I have mentioned how to buy the right hamster food and have also listed the best cheap hamster food to ease your task of choosing food for hamsters as there are thousands of foods available online.

Best Cheap Hamster Food India 2021-Buying Guide

The nutritional requirements of hamsters are not the same at the same quantity since they vary in size. As a result, the food you offer them should be particularly effective for their specific demands.

That’s why you should be aware of some of the aspects that impact performance. The following are some important elements to consider while determining the right kinds of food

1.Quality of Ingredients

You should guarantee that the meal is created from nutritious and high-quality components from the start. You must always eliminate meals that include fillers and synthetic additives.

Also, avoid giving them meals containing a lot of grain, as well as dry foods like raisins. Fruits such as bananas, grapes,and berries can be fed instead. However, do not overfeed them since this will negatively impact their digestion.

2.Dental care

Because hamsters’ teeth never stop growing, food can occasionally be useful in grinding them down and holding them at an acceptable size. This isn’t going to improve with really soft meals!

3.The Sugar Content-

Sugary diets are bad for hamster health because they promote obesity, choosy eating, and tooth decay. Even mixtures with a fruit content should be avoided

4.Sodium Content

Hamsters, on the other hand, require more salt than you may think since it helps them maintain  water levels. If you can’t locate a suitable meal, consider getting a salt lick for them.

Best Cheap Hamster Food India 2021

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Main features-

  • It contains High grade pellets with hay that have been enhanced with a vital source of dietary fiber.
  • It  includes Fruits and veggies which are high in anthocyanins, vitamins, and minerals that improve health and taste.
  • It is a well-balanced blend of grains and other seeds that are an important source of food for hamsters.
  • Grains and granules offer the hamster with all of the food stuff required for normal bodily growth and function.
  • Suitable for all hamster breeds and for all ages.


  1. It’s very flavorful and nutritious
  2. Contains a wide range of seeds and nuts.
  3. Conts fresh vegetables and grains 
  4. Packaging is good


Hamster eats veggies and grains but some of the hamster dont like wood chunks present in it

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Main features-

  • It contains high-quality pellets that ensure proper growth of your hammy.
  • It contains vitamin C and E that improves immunity and overall health of your hamster
  • It can also be used to feed variety of birds


  1. Very palatable.
  2. cheap in price. 
  3. It is all natural.


It does not contains vegetables

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Main features-

  • It also comes in the form of pellets and is suitable for all breeds .
  • It contains approx 15 different varieties of whole grains and various unique grains.
  • It is recommended for adult hamsters
  • It does not contain any risky or harmful preservative


  1. Quality is good.
  2. Contains Variety of grains.
  3. No added sugar.
  4. High in fiber.
  5. Improve digestive system and teeth health.


Fat content is more and can make your hamster obese so, feed them in low quantity

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Main features-

  • It contains seeds and various different types of vegetables.
  • It contains alfalfa seeds that helps to improve digestion and also improves the health of the  bones.
  • It does not contain any added sugar,salt, etc.


  1. Very tasty food 
  2. Affordable price
  3. 100%natural and free from any preservatives


Quality of the package can be improved.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • Contains an enriched blend of good ingredients designed to aid in the growth of hamsters.
  • It contains a well-balanced combination of Alfalfa meal, carrot, and other natural components to provide your Hamsters with more natural nutrition for muscular development.
  • It is suitable for adult and developing hamsters
  • It has natural antioxidants and added vitamins and minerals


  1. It is very appetising.
  2. Maintains weight and increases immunity.
  3. It has natural and easy to digest ingredients.


A little more grainy meal.


1.How many times a day does a hamster need feeding?

You should feed your pet hamster once in a day .You can feed them either in the morning or  evening. Choose one fix time and feed them at that time on the daily basis

2. What Shouldn’t You Feed Your Hamster?

Here are some of the foods that you not feed your hamster-Apple skins and seeds, seeds of grapes, pits from fruits, almonds, peanuts, garlic, onions, eggplant.

3.How Much Should I Feed My Hamster?

The amount of food you give your hamster is determined by its age and size, but in general, a hamster will take around two tablespoons of food mix every day. Small hamsters, such as Dwarfs, will only need around 1 tablespoon per day.

4.What Should I Do If My Hamster Is Obese?

You should observe your hammy closely and if you notice  that your pet’s stomach is becoming overly round, even if it’s naturally round then you should start feeding them less.

5.Can a hamster consume rice?

Rice is reported to be safe for hamsters. You can feed white, brown, or wholegrain rice, and it may be given cooked or raw, however you should only feed a small quantity and make sure it isn’t too mushy after cooking.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

We have come  to  end of this article and buy now you should have  understood how to buy good cheap hamster  food for your hammy  .Even if you dont understand which hamster food  to buy  You can simply buy Vitapol, Economic Food for Hamsters , Petslife Hamster Food

Hopefully you  found it helpful !!


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