Best Bird Swings For Parrots India 2021

Best Bird Swings For Parrots India 2022

Extreme boredom can cause birds like parrots or any other bird to pick at their feathers, refuse food, or vocalise aggressively, thus keeping them occupied in their cage habitat is critical. Getting toys for their home is one method to keep them interested, and adding bird swings to the mix could make your job of keeping them physically and intellectually active a bit simpler.

When appropriately selected, it aids in bird flexibility by strengthening their thigh muscles and wing. So you must consider buying one, as there are many bird swings available  for parrots  so to choose right swing for your  pet can become quite tedious so to ease your task ,I have included detailed guide to buy a bird swings and have also listed Best Bird swings for parrots India 2022

Types of Bird swings for parrots

1. Rope bird swings- 

Rope bird swings can get wear and tear by parrots. Generally natural rope bird swings are more durable than the synthetic ones.

2. Wooden bird swings –

Wooden bird  swings are strong and long lasting and come at an affordable price but if the wood surface of the swing is not properly finished,has uneven edges or sharp parts emerging, may pose a risk to the bird.

3. Steel bird swings-

Steel bird swings are extremely durable and long lasting but it is  relatively expensive 

Best bird swings for parrots - Buying Guide

1. Material-

For your pet’s safety and comfort, make sure any swing you choose is constructed of safe, nontoxic materials.

2. Durability-

Birds may become too enthusiastic in their exploration of the new item in their cage, throwing all of their energy into swinging back and forth. So, the swing should be long lasting  and durable, and it should not easily break or be harmed. You can buy swings made from wood or steel as they are very sturdy and extremely durable

3. Size-

The swing’s size is determined by the cage’s available area. When the swing is shorter than the cage, the birds have more freedom to move around the cage . The size of the birds also dictates the size of the swing. Smaller birds, such as parrots  , require tiny swings, whilst larger birds, such as macaws, require a medium-sized or large swing.

4. Type-

We have already  covered parrots bird swings types in the above you can buy one according to your preference

5. Accessories-

Swings with dangling toys and wooden blocks are a good choice if you want your bird’s “swinging experience” to be enjoyable and interesting. The reflectors and chiming bells that come as accessories are popular with the majority of them. The vibrant, multicoloured bird swings will be ideal for your parrots as it  immediately attracts the bird’s interest.

Top 5 Best Bird swings for parrots India 2022

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Main features –

  • It is made of wire which is covered by cotton rope
  • Cotton material is not-toxic and safe for your bird.
  • Rope swing is 10.5 inches long and you can bend it to spiral form and it is adjustable.
  • This rope swing  is bite resistant 
  • It has a metal hook at the top to hang  it in the cage and a bell at the end of the rope to keep the birds entertained.
  • It is Appropriate for parrots ,love birds and other birds
  • It also can  be used for mice, hamster

Pros✔️  –

  1. It is very durable
  2. It improves teeth and gum health
  3. Easy to change the shape and shape stays the same once changed.
  4. Easy to install

Cons❌ – 

No negative point found yet (according to my experience)

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Main features –

  • It is made of wire bent in circular shape and covered with colourful beads . 
  • It has 6 wood stands where bird can stand  
  • The swing is 24.5cm long and 24 cm wide.
  • It is Appropriate for small to medium birds(parrots,parakeets,cockatiels and others )

Pros✔️  –

  1. It is very strong and long lasting 
  2. Parrots find this swing very interactive as it is covered with colorful beads.
  3. Beads are also very durable will not get damaged easily when your bird chew it
  4. Easy to install

Cons❌ –  

Suitable only for medium to large cage .

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Main features –

  • It is made of durable wood and metal 
  • Wood is non-toxic and safe for birds
  • Metal wire is non corrosive .
  • The swing is 28cm long and 25 cm wide.
  • It is Appropriate for birds like parrots,parakeets,cockatiels, Budgerigar,etc.

Pros✔️  –

  1. Swing is spacious for parrot to sit on it comfortably 
  2. Metal hooks will not get rust and get damaged
  3. Easy to install

Cons❌ –

Beads might get damaged when chewed.

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Main features –

  • It is made of wood. 
  • Colours on beads are non toxic and safe for birds. 
  • The swing weighs around 18gm.
  •  8x8x8 centimeters in length, width and height.
  • It is ideal for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, Budgerigar, etc.

Pros✔️  –

  1. Quick-link connector makes it simple to attach to the cage.
  2. Quality of the wood is good.

Cons❌ –

Finishing of the wood can be slightly improved.

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Main features –

  • It is made of food grade plastic which is safe for birds.
  • It is weigh around 200 gm and can be installed easily.
  • 15.01x5x5 cm in length,width and height.
  • It’s Washable and can be cleaned using  soapy water or lukewarm water to  clean it.
  • It is ideal for parrots,parakeets,etc.

Pros✔️  –

  1. Quick-link connector makes it simple to attach to the cage.
  2. It is cheap in price.
  3. Easy to clean.

Cons❌ – 

It is not very durable.


1. Are swings bad for birds?

Swings are generally safe for birds. Buy swings that are made from toxic-free materials like wood,sisal,etc.

2. Do parrots like swings?

Parrots are one of the most interacting birds and yes they like swings and other toys.

3. How do I install the bird swings?

All bird cage accessories swings include an operational hook that can be easily attached to the roof of your bird cage. These items may be hung as per your bird’s preferences.

Final thoughts

We have come to end of our article and have tried my best to mention all the important points that will help you to buy the best bird swings for your parrots. If you are still confused about which bird swing to buy for your parrot. You can simply buy Futurekart Parrot Bird Rope Swing .

Hope it helps you! Thanks for reading.

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