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Wolf Dog Price In India 2023

Topic – Wolf Dog Price in India 

Wolf dogs are a wonderful dog breed. If you always wanted to have a wolf but as you all know that they can be dangerous and are illegal to own. So, there is an alternative which is the wolf-dog. This is a crossbreed of domestic dogs and a wolf. These dogs have a certain amount of wild behaviour as they also have wolf genes. In this article, you will get to know about  Wolf Dog Price in India, well-known wolf dogs, various factors that affect their price and much more. So, do read it completely to get complete information.

Wolf Dog Price In India

The Average  Wolf dog price in India(Sarloos or Czechoslovakian wolf dog) can cost you approx 10- 15 Lakh Rupees Which is KCI (Kennel Club of India)registered. Make sure it is KCI registered before purchasing a wolf dog otherwise you can go to jail.

It might be very costly for us to purchase such dog breeds and will extremely difficult to find. Instead, you can go for dogs that look like wolves which will cost you around 50,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs.

About Wolf Dog Breed


A Wolf dog is not an easy pet to take care of. There is no doubt they are loving and loyal however, they can be destructive and they generally become one-person dogs and can be aggressive to strangers. They are very energetic breeds and it is important to have a huge amount of space like a yard so they can move freely. This pet is not for everyone a well-experienced dog owner is more suitable.


Make sure to provide them high protein diet that has plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure the proper growth of your wolf dog. The best diet to follow is BARF(Biological Appropriate Raw Food).

You can feed chicken, beef, lamb, and fish like tuna and can include veggies and fruits. You can give raw meat cut into pieces or churn and mix it with a few pieces of veggies or fruits.


Most wolf dogs can be challenging to train. It depends, if your wolf dog has a low to medium percentage of wolf content then they might be trained or tamed with less difficulty. However, if the wolf content is more in your dog then it might be difficult to train they might show feared aggression towards humans like wolves.

Exercise needs-

They are very energetic and require a lot of exercises. It is important to give them 3- 4 hours of exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy.

Health issues-

They can suffer from the same diseases as your regular dogs get.

Disease includes

  • Arthritis
  • Parasite
  • Tick fleas
  • Cancer
  • Infectious disease

Wolf Dog breeds In India

1. Czechoslovakian Wolf dog

Wolf Dog Price in India

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs came into existence by breeding german shepherd police dogs with the grey wolf in the early 1990s. They were established for using them for military purposes in the  Czechoslovakian special forces, commandos, etc. They are very beautiful and powerful dogs that have 25 % wolf blood. They are very intelligent and highly trainable and can be a good companion for adults as well as for older kids. However, it is extremely important to socialize with them as early as possible. As they might show feared aggression toward humans, after all, it has some wolf qualities in them.

2. Saarloos wolf dog 

Wolf Dog Price in India

Saarloos Wolf dog looks very similar to Czechoslovakian wolf dogs however are quite different. They were established in Netherlands by breeding the german shepherd dog with the Siberian wolf. They can have between 11- 33% wolf blood in them. The purpose of making this dog breed was to make a well-working dog than the german shepherd. But instead, they become a good assistant or companion dogs rather than working dogs. They have a timid and shy temperament. And can be difficult to train. It is important to socialize with them. They do not like strangers at all they can get stressed or frightened around them.  They are ideal pets for adults or bigger kids. 

3. Volkosoby wolfdog

Wolf Dog Price in India

Volkosoby Wolf dog is a Russian dog breed that looks very similar to Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. Although they are bred by a completely different wolf and german shepherd than the Czechoslovakian wolfdog. They came into this world by breeding Caspian sea wolves and top military german shepherds for protecting the Russian borders. They are 25% wolf and 75% dog. They are used by the special military forces of Russia. These are mysterious dogs and  Russia does not allow them to be sold as pets world life. So, Good luck to own One.

4. North American Indian Dog-

Wolf Dog Price in India

North American Indian Wolfdog looks very similar to wolves. They look like almost exact copies of a pure-blood wolves. The North American Indian dog was developed by a gentleman called Mark Klemperer over in the USA in the early 1980s he selected some wolf dogs and created a bloodline known today as the North American Indian dog as many generations removed from a pure wolf but it has retained a lot of the original wolf content. obviously bred specifically for the traits which include the look of an arctic wolf but bred specifically for a very affectionate friendly and trainable temperament so they can be used in educational work film and television and as ambassadors as what they’re known as in the USA.

5. Shikoku Dog-

Wolf Dog Price in India

Shikoku is a Japanese dog breed. They are the oldest dogs in japan and are believed to have the blood of extinct Japanese wolves(Not sure).  They are medium size dog breeds and have confident, extremely brave and fierce temperaments.  They are quick learners but it can be very challenging to train as they are free-will. They are quite rare and have high hunting instincts so it is better to keep them as the only pet in the house. They love to play hard and are very energetic, not at all recommended for the newbies as well as those who have kids in their homes.

6. Alaskan Malamute-

Wolf Dog Price in India

The Alaskan Malamute is considered to be a very wolfy-looking dog breed and also a very large and ancient one. They were originally bred for hauling heavy freights because of their strength and endurance, and later a sled dogs. Malamutes were thought to be created by the ancient Malamute people of Alaska’s Northern Sound region. They are gentle giants that are large in size and gentle by heart. They can easily bond with humans or other pets and they can be excellent companion dogs.

Know The Alaskan Malamute Price in India

7. Northern Inuit dog –

Wolf Dog Price in India

Northern Inui is a recent breed that is come into existence by breeding Alaskan malamute, Samoyed, German shepherd and Huskies. They are a trainable, confident and loveable dog breed. They look very similar to wolves without any traits of wolves. Which is great for keeping them as pets at home. They are used in many movies to represent wolves. Northern Inui is also used in one of the famous series Game of Thrones.

8. Belgian Malinois-

Wolf Dog Price in India

Belgian Malinois is a medium size, light frame and extremely agile dog breed. This dog breed is used by the army, marines and airforces. This dog breed is hyper-energetic and  This dog is very trainable and can be a great pet that can excel at almost everything you can teach them. But, they are very energetic due to which you can not just play ball fetch for some time and accept that they will sit quietly. Their Exercise need is extremely high and if they do not get enough exercise they might jump around in the house destroying things.

Know the Belgian Malinois Price in India

9. German Shepherd-

Wolf Dog Price in India

German Shepherd is another breed that is used in police and military service, they are also used as Guide dogs for blind people. They are medium to large breeds with heavy body frames. They are a confident, intelligent, extremely loyal and obedient dog breed. They are great dogs for families that have kids.

10. Husky-

Husky or Siberian husky is a well-known breed around the world. They are known for their fur. They have a double hair coat which helps them to survive in the hardcore environment. They are trainable and obedient dogs they love their owner and are extremely gentle towards kids. If you want a dog that looks similar to a wolf but are exceptional family pet. The Huskies are the way to go. But Can Husky survive in India?

Also, Know the Siberian Husky Price in India 

11. Swedish Vallhund-

Swedish Vallhund is a small dog breed and It is also one of the oldest dog breeds. They have been nicknamed corgi wolves as they are related to corgis and somewhat look like a wolf. Swedish Vallhund was used as herding dogs and as alarm dogs. They are very energetic and cuddly and can bonds with kids very well. They are great watchdogs as well. One disadvantage of owning them is that they bark a lot. So it might not be well suited if you have neighbours.

12. Tamasakan Dog-

The Tamaskan is a new breed that was created by breeding the same dogs that make up the Northern Inuit with husky wolf-dog mixes from Finland. The German Shepherd, the Samoyed, the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian husky are the breeds used.

They do like a lot of attention, they like a lot of hugs. They are friendly. They do need quite a bit of exercise. They’ve got a lot of energy and they know how to use it. If you don’t give them a lot of walking and a lot of mental stimulation as well, because that’s really important, then you will see more naughty behaviour.

12. Utonagan-

Utonagan is a relatively new dog breed. This breed was made by breeding a german shepherd, Alaskan malamute, husks and a few other breeds which are unknown they look like wolves but have a calm temperament. They can be excellent pet dogs and the exercise demand is high. If they do not get enough exercise they can be destructive.


Is a Wolf dog legal in India?

Yes, they are legal to own in India. However, if you have illegally imported it or do not have any type of paperwork then you might want to get ready to face legal consequences.

What is the price of a wolf-dog in India?

The average price of a pure wolf-dog along with proper paperwork and registration can cost you between 10 – 15 Lakh rupees.

What is the lifespan of a Wolf dog?

The average life span of a wolf-dog is about 12 to 18 years.

How big is a wolf dog?

Wolf Dog can have an average height of 26 to 34 inches for males & females both and can weigh between 70 to 100 pounds(31 kgs to 46 kg).

What is the difference between a wolf dog and a dog?

Domestic dogs’ faces are more rounded in shape and the wolf-dog faces are mostly narrowed same as a wolf and long legs are meant for running. They are having a lot of energy and they don’t like living inside a room, unlike other domestic dogs. They have a tendency to dig.

Final Thoughts

It can be concluded that Wolf dogs are intelligent, loyal and affectionate pets but they may not be ideal for small kids and may show some aggressiveness towards strangers. Moreover, Wolf Dog prices in India are quite expensive and quite rare to find. But if you still want to have one that resembles a wolf but is not much aggressive then  I suggest you go for dogs like husky, german shepherd, northern Inuit and much more mentioned above, do read it completely. Wolf dogs require high maintenance as they are quite energetic and has the behaviour of wolf they cannot be left alone and requires a lot of exercises. If you have still decided to buy a wolf then please buy it from a legal breeder only with proper work and registration otherwise you face huge penalties and legal issues.

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