Pashmi Hound

Pashmi Hound Dog breed- Complete Information

Are you looking for a loyal and versatile companion? Look no further than the Pashmi Hound.

This ancient breed, is a featherly version of the mudhol hound. With their origins in the Deccan plateau region, these dogs have served both royals and peasants throughout their existence.

Discover why the Pashmi Hound is cherished by their owners and embark on a journey into their world.

Pashmi Dog Price in India

Pashmi dogs are ver affordable breed. The average Pashimi hound price in Indian can range between 2,000 Rs to 10,000 Rs. Prices of the puppy may vary  depending on the age, location, breeder, dog’s parents, etc.

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About Pashmi Hound Dog Breed


Pashmi dogs are believed to be a very ancient breed that originated in the Deccan plateau region. 

They’re believed to be descendants of the Saluki and Tazi breeds. These dogs were brought to India by the pathans, Arabs, and Persians through the Kyber pass. They were nomadic in nature and followed their owners from place to place.

Pashmi dogs have a rich and diverse history, and they’ve been known by various names such as Mudhol hound, Caravan hound, Karwani, Lahori, and the Pisuri hound.

Their history is truly fascinating!

Pattern and Characteristics-

The Pashmi can be differentiated into two patterns: the big pattern and the hunting pattern.

  • Big Pattern Pashmi-

The characteristics of the Big Pattern Pashmi, you should observe their large body, good feathering, and small head. 

These Pashmis can grow up to 34 inches tall and have impressive feathering over their ears, tail, and torso. 

Despite their massive size, their heads are comparatively small, giving them a unique appearance. The length of their ears is due to longer ear leather, not fur.

  • Hunting Pattern Pashmi-

The Hunting Pattern Pashmi’s lean and tall physique, along with their exceptional coursing ability, makes them ideal for chasing and hunting various animals. These Pashmis are bred specifically for their hunting skills and have the best sight hound heads.

With their height reaching up to 30 inches, they’re able to cover ground quickly and effectively. Their chests reach the elbow, allowing for better lung and heart play, which is essential for hunting.


Big Pattern Pashmis are known for their temperament fit for guarding and their beautiful small heads. Their size and protective nature make them excellent guard dogs.

On the other hand, hunting pattern Pashmis are known to be rough as they fiercely guard their master’s property. They’re trained to chase and kill a variety of animals, including black buck, deer, fox, wolf, and hare.

Their agility, speed, and determination make them valuable companions for hunters and an asset in the world of hunting.

Intelligence and Trainability-

Phasmi dogs are very intelligent. However, they might be very diffiuclt to train especially for the first-time owners as they are independent in nature and can be quite stubborn as well.
However, if you properly spend time and remain consistent with the training they can get trained.

Health Problems-

These dogs are ideal for living in Indian climatic conditions. They have become well adapted to live in the harsh and hot environments. 

Due to this, they have turned out to be very hardy dog breeds that nearly do not have any breed-specific health issues. On average they live about 15 years.

Make sure, you take your pet dog for regular vet checkups and you will be just fine.

Monthly Expenses-

The average monthly expense of owning the Pashmi hound can range between 2,000 Rs to 4,000 Rs or 30,000 to 50,000 Rs annually. That includes dog food, toys, vaccinations, regular vet checkups, etc. 

Other expenses like dog collars, leash, bed, etc. are not included as they are mostly one-time investments and you don’t need to purchase them for a long time. 


When it comes to grooming, Pashmi hounds are a relatively low-maintenance breed. They are not heavy shedders, so brushing your Pashmi Hound’s coat once a week will be sufficient to keep it clean and free from tangles.

You should also bathe them as needed using mild dog shampoo. Generally, it is recommended to bathe your Pashmi Hound once every few months to help maintain their coat’s cleanliness and freshness.

Is Pashmi Hound Right For You?

Pashmi dogs are highly adaptable breeds that can comfortably reside in both apartments and outdoor settings. 

However, the ideal environment for Pashmi dogs is a house with a spacious fenced yard where they can roam freely.

If you plan to keep them inside your home, be sure to provide them with ample daily exercise. They are not the type of pets that will simply stay indoors all day. You can take them on hikes, engage in playtime, or simply go for a walk with them.

If you are someone who prefers a less active lifestyle, a Pashmi dog may not be the right choice of pet for you.

Final Thoughts

n conclusion, the Pashmi Hound is a loyal and versatile companion with a rich history and cultural significance.

With their striking features and elegant physique, they’re truly a sight to behold.

Known for their intelligence, sensitivity, loyalty, and courage, they make excellent pets for those who can provide them with proper care and daily exercise.

With a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, these dogs can bring joy and companionship for a long time.

Consider adding a Pashmi Hound to your family and experience their unique charm firsthand.

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