Guinea Pig Price in India

Guinea Pig Price in India 2023-Ultimate Guide

Guinea Pig are small cute creature .They are very similar to rats and belongs to rodent  family. They are  very popular pet  worldwide and they are now gaining huge popularity in India also. They are widely loved by small kids and can become your good entertainment partner. 

In this article Guinea Pig Price in India, I have given you detailed information about guinea pigs, various factors affecting their prices, and everything that you need to know before making it your pet. Read it till the end.

Guinea Pig Price in India

You can get Guinea pigs at the average price range of 500- 1000 Rs per pair. but, can be sold for up to 1,500 Rs in some places. 

Price may differ depending on the location, availability, and other factors.

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Factors Affecting Guinea Pig Price in India

There are several factors that determine the price of guinea pigs in India. The most important factor is the availability of the animal in the market. If there is a high demand for guinea pigs, the price will be higher. Other factors that may affect the price include:

1.  Breed of the animal-

 Prices may differ depending on the different breeds of guinea pigs and the quality of the guinea pigs (show quality or regular) is also an important factor that may increase or decrease the price of a guinea pig.

2. Quality of the animal-

The most expensive guinea pigs are those that are bred for show purposes, while smaller and less glamorous guinea pigs are cheaper.

3. Location of the sale- 

In rural areas, guinea pigs can be purchased for as little as 100 rupees, while in metropolitan areas they can be sold for up to 1,000 rupees.

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About Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pigs have a unique look, with short, robust bodies, no tail, and a huge head with wide, alert eyes. They have powerful, short legs with four forward toes and three rear toes, all with sharp claws that help them dig and scramble around in the environment.


Guinea pigs are very social and vocal small creatures. They make various cute sounds(whistle, grunt, or squeaky sounds) to express or communicate. They are very active and rarely bite.


Exercise is very important as it helps the guinea from getting obese. Vets recommend having at least 1hrs of exercise for guinea pigs. 

In order to give exercise, you should keep them in a big cage so they can run around freely, Can keep them outside the cage for some time, can buy some obstacle course, or can make one

Size and Lifespan-

The average size of a guinea pig ranges from 8 to 16 inches and can weigh around ½ kg(500 gm) to 1.5 kg  (1500 gm). Their average lifespan is 5- 8 yrs.


Guinea pigs require different types of food on a regular basis. They require specific guinea pig pellets, a cup of fresh guinea pig-safe veggies, and continual hay grass. It’s critical that they have access to grass at all times, or they’ll develop major digestive or dental issues.

Health problems-

Guinea is susceptible to many diseases like Vitamin C deficiency (give vitamin C supplement along with a balanced diet to avoid it), respiratory infections(pneumonia), stomach upset(diarrhea), parasite and skin infection, etc.

Pros and Cons of Guinea Pigs


  • Most guinea pigs like social interaction. They can sit on your lap or you can hand feed them. 
  •  guinea pigs are gentle animals. Guinea pigs rarely bite and don’t really scratch. 
  • They can form a strong bond with their human and can be very friendly with other guinea pigs. 
  • guinea pigs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and all guinea pigs have different personalities. No two guinea pigs are exactly the same and this is really cool.
  • guinea pigs have a long lifespan. On average, a guinea pig will live for four to eight years and this is a long time considering other rodent spans. 
  • guinea pigs are adaptive to your schedule. Your guinea pig will usually be the most social when you are with them.
  • It’s super fun to watch a guinea pig to guinea pig’s behaviors. Guinea pigs make so many sounds and it’s so fun to watch them communicate. 


  • Guinea pigs are very messy animals. Guinea pigs poop 5 to 6 times an hour, which is a lot considering their size.
  • They will also find a way to get hay all over their enclosure. Therefore, their enclosure will have to be spot clean daily.
  •  The guinea pigs take up a lot of space. It is absolutely mandatory to provide your guinea pig with a large enclosure to do natural behaviors. The more guinea pigs you have, the larger your enclosure will need to be. 
  • guinea pigs are very high maintenance. They will need hay, water, veggies, and vitamin C. They will also need a daily spot clean to maintain a fresh environment.
  • guinea pigs are not a good beginner pet as they do require so much care.

How To Take Care of Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are very social animals that need plenty of attention. They can become bored and depressed if left alone for too long. The following is a list of tips on how to take care of guinea pigs to ensure they have a happy and healthy life.

  • Provide your guinea pig with a large cage(The minimum cage size for two guinea pigs is 120 X 60 inches.) that is filled with toys and other objects to play with.
  • Make sure your guinea pig has a diet that is high in fiber and includes fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Give your guinea pig plenty of water to drink and fresh bedding to sleep on.
  • Spend time
  • You’ll need to trim your guinea pig’s nails every two to four weeks. This can be a tricky job depending on how wriggly or guinea pig is, but if you find it too challenging, you can pay for a vet or guinea pig groomer to do this for you.

How To Get a Guinea Pig at a Cheaper Price In India?

There are a few ways that you can get a guinea pig at a cheaper price in India. The first is to adopt a guinea pig from a shelter or rescue organization. There are many of these organizations throughout India, and they typically have a variety of animals available for adoption.

Another way to get a guinea pig at a cheaper price is to find a breeder who is selling guinea pigs at a discount. There are many breeders in India who specialize in breeding guinea pigs, and they may be willing to sell them at a lower price. 

Types Of Guinea Pigs

One of the easier ways of understanding guinea pig breeds is to look at all the hair colors and then the different hair types or hairstyles.

I. Short-Haired Guinea Pigs-

Guinea pig Price in India

1. Self- Guinea pigs- 

Self-piggies are all one color. And if you’re going for the pedigree, they can’t have a single hair that’s a different color. There are around 15 different color types that self-guinea pigs can be

2. American short-haired piggy- 

American short-haired piggy, which is another really common guinea pig breed. And it differs from the self in that they can be either all one color or have color combinations, maybe two or three different colors in their coat.

3. Crested guinea pigs- 

Crested guinea pigs have a rosette or a crest right on top of their head between the ears. And it sort of gives them a funny little weird type look about them. So in American crested guinea pigs, the hair of the crest is a different color from the rest of the body, whereas, in English crested pigs, the hair of the crest is the same color.

II. Rough Haired guinea pigs-

1. Abyssinians-

Abyssinian piggies are identified by multiple rosettes all along the body. This gives them a spiky, funky hairstyle that loads of people fall in love with. They are very lovable breeds and they easily get along with people.

2. Teddy, Rex, and Swiss Guinea pigs-

Teddy, Rex has a coat made up of very dense, fuzzy, and bouncy hair. which is short in teddy and Rex and medium length in Swiss piggies(crossbreed between Rex and Teddy).

3. Ridgeback pigs-

These are an emerging breed and basically, they don’t have as many rosettes as a full Abyssinian. So if you have a piggy that is not quite a full Abyssinian and has a sort of rich hairstyle going on, then they might more closely represent a Ridgeback piggy.

III. Long-Haired Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig price in india

1.  Sheltie/Silky Guinea pigs-

Silky guinea pigs are long-haired piggies with no rosettes, where the hair sort of sweeps back away from the face and down the body.

2. Coronet guinea pigs-

Coronets are basically Shelties, but they’ve got that cute little crest on top of their head.

 3. Peruvian-

Which is another traditional long-established breed. This differs from the Silky guinea pigs because Peruvians do have a couple of rosettes that send the hair forwards and up and over the face. And also, Peruvian hair is one of the longest of all the guinea pig breeds. It can reach up to 50 CM in length.

4. Alpaca –

Alpacas have wavy, dance, and coarse fur. It’s rare to find them in pet stores and they are loved for their affectionate nature.

IV. No Hair Guinea Pigs-

In this category, there are two types skinny pigs and Baldwin pigs. they’re both almost hairless, but you can get some hair on the nose and the paws. The main difference between skinny and Baldwin piggies is that Baldwin piggies are actually born with a full coat of hair, but then it falls out after they reach about two months old, whereas skinny pigs are born almost hairless and stay that way.

V. One-Color Guinea Pigs-

Plain self colors include white black cream golden, red, chocolate, beige, lilac, saffron, buff, and blue

VI. Bi-color Guinea Pigs-

1. Dutch Guinea pig-

It has a white pad with another color such as Brown. And the Brown will be two patches on either side of their face with the white stripes coming down the middle. And then Brown on the rear section of the body.

2. Dalmatian Guinea pig-

 Dalmatians, have a solid or striped head and a body with white and black spots.

3. Himalayan Guinea pig- 

Himalayan piggies are white and develop black or chocolate-colored hair on their ears, nose, and paws.

4. Harlequin Guinea pig-

Harlequin piggies which have a cream and a black patchwork look

5. Magpie Guinea pig-

Magpie Guinea pig has black and white patches or stripes.

VII. Tri-Color Guinea Pigs-

Tortoiseshell and White guinea pigs-

I’d never really thought about it before but you don’t see guinea pigs with four or more colors in their coat and I was interested to read that guinea pigs can’t have two colors from the same color group the color groups are black, red and white. Black has the browns, greys and darker shades.  like that the red group has the ginger, and lighter colored browns, and more sandy or cream colors, and then white is just white. So, if you’ve got a tri-color piggy then they’ve got one color from each group and that’s the maximum they can have.


How much does a guinea pig cost in India?

I have already discussed in detail above, it can cost you around 500 to 1,500 INR in India.

Is a guinea pig a good pet?

It usually depends on your self some like it and some do not. But personally, they are good pets. Unlike other rodents, they have a long life span so you can enjoy them for a longer. They are very social and each hamster has its own unique personality. And they are extremely cute.

Is it OK to have 1 guinea pig?

No, Guinea pigs are social animals and can become lonely and depressed on their own, so you should look at having a pair of guinea pigs.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are generally quiet creatures and rarely bite without any reason. when held they can bite your fingers. But, these are soft bites out of curiosity.

Are guinea pigs smelly?

Guinea pigs do not smell bad when their environments are being cleaned regularly and given the right meal.

How long do guinea pigs sleep?

Guinea pigs only sleep for about 4-6 hours a day and are very active during day time.

Are guinea pigs noisy at night?

Yes, they can make can be noisy at night however, they do not make loud noises but still can be a bit annoying.

How can I play with my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs aren’t like dogs and cats, so it’s not always easy to find games that are guinea pig appropriate, but they are very curious and adventurous pets and they have a huge passion for food, so it’s easy to motivate them.

  1. A very easy game is to put some veggies or parsley on top of a house or platform. Your guinea pigs need to look for their food and need to make an effort to reach it. Guinea pigs enjoy little games like these as it connects their love for food and exploring.
  2. Take all tunnels and build a little playground for them. Guinea pigs seem to need to go through any tunnel they can find. And what’s better than one tunnel? Multiple tunnels, of course.
  3. Another really easy way to get involved in a game is to hide pieces of vegetables on your hand or relax and let the guinea takes time on you. Initially, they might be shy but, Once they are more comfortable, they’re going to crawl all over you.

Why do guinea pigs lick you?

They might lick you to show affection towards you. They do the same thing when showing affection to other guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs see in the dark?

Guinea pigs can see in the night, but only to a small degree. As a result, guinea pigs have evolved to use their other senses (smelling, hearing, etc) to assist them in moving and exploring dark environments.

Final Thoughts

Guinea Pigs are very friendly and amazing pets. Finally, we have come to an end of this article and I have given you very detailed information about guinea pigs and hope that all your doubts are cleared. If you still have any doubts then please feel free to comment below it will be our great pleasure to answer your queries.

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