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Great Dane Dog Price in India(September 2023)- Complete Guide

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Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products you will get to know about the Great Dane dog breed. They are one of the tallest dog breeds. They are very friendly, calm and joyful dogs. They easily socialize with their family and other pets. Eager to know more? In this article, you will get detailed information about the Great Dane Dog price in India, caring tips, answers to some of the most asked FAQs and much more. Do read it till the end. Let’s get started.

Great Dane Dog Price in India

The price of a healthy, purebred Great Dane dog is heavily influenced by the dog’s age, breed, and breeder quality. In general, a Great Dane dog price in India can range between 10,000 and 40,000 Rs. Aside from that, its upkeep, such as grooming, health, and feeding, may cost between Rs 5,000 and 10,000 Rs every month. 

Location Price(Rs)
Great Dane price in Mumbai 10,000-40,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Delhi 10,000-35,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Banglore 10,000-40,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Hyderabad 10,000-30,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Kerala 10,000-35,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Chennai 10,000-35,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Kolkata 10,000-35,000 Rs.
Great Dane price in Pune 10,000-30,000 Rs.

About Great Dane Dog Breed


Dogs similar to Great Danes were first mentioned in German chronicles in the 16th century, but at that time they were called English dogs. There are already many mentions of them. In the 17th century, the Germans called them Kammerhunde.

Most of their tasks were the hunting of big game, and since their feeding and maintenance was not a small sum, even at that time they mainly guarded noble yards and castles in German territories. The harlequin and black colour variations were prevalent, and in the southern parts of Denmark, the yellow and striped colour variations, which is why the Danes still claim this breed as their own, and partly because they are still called by mistake, the Great Dane. The breed was officially called the German Dog in the 1880s and the first breed standard was described by the German Breed Organization, founded in 1888.


Great deans are massive dogs with thin, long athletic bodies somewhat similar to the body structure of a greyhound except great Danes are huge and have giant, long heads with hanging ears. They have long slender tail that is powerful enough to knock out a child. 

They are available in colours like Brindle, Fawn, Black, Harlequin, etc.


Great Dane is an extremely calm and balanced breed who have lost much of its original wildness and guardian protective instincts to this day. These dogs are highly human-centred and owner-centred, desiring personal connection and touch from their loved ones. 

They are especially family-friendly and they love children as well.


because Great Danes grow slowly, it actually takes three years to become fully mature, so it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to train them as well. It is especially difficult that a 6 to 9-month-old still the adolescent dog is already bigger and stronger at this age than other adult dogs and they are not aware of their strength. So early socialization is essential and unavoidable in connection with this breed. For an adult who has already grown to 80 kg, size and weight are almost impossible to teach what was left out at an early age. Although nowadays considered primarily as a family dog, great Danes are also capable of obedience training and learning quickly.

Compatibility with other pets-

They can form a bond with all different types of dogs and cats as they are very friendly and mostly not aggressive. However, they should be socialized. They are aware of their size and strength and treat their smaller companions with cool distance and contempt. 

Health –

unfortunately, the lifespan of the Great Dane is not very long, averaging seven to nine years. But of course, individuals can live two to three years longer rarely. Great Danes are particularly prone to gastric torsion or bloating, so this should be taken into account in their daily routine. They are also prone to almost all forms of dysplasia and myocardial disease. Their nutrition requires excellent care and a thick wallet, as do their regular health checkups.

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Things You Should Know about owning a Great Dane

1. They Fart a lot- 

Now, everybody realizes that they are big dogs. That means they eat a lot of food. But what most people don’t realize is that these big dogs can fart a lot.

It can be just walking up and down the stairs, just general movement all about. You’ll even hear them farting in their sleep, which can be really funny at times, but also it can really sneak up the room. These Danes are quite the flatulent little beasts here at times.

2. Quite Clingy-

Many people are aware that Great Danes are very affectionate dogs. They love spending time with their human friends and their family members. But what many people don’t realize is that they really want to be with you all time. They will literally follow you all around the house and in particular, into the bathroom as well.

3. Talkative-

Great Danes are actually very talkative and vocal dogs. And I don’t necessarily mean the barking nature, but more so like actually making all these different funny growling or whale sounds and it’s all kinds of different things that you may have never heard of dogs make before. It’s just one of their ways of either trying to emulate the humans around them or just really communicating back and forth. You’ll often notice this from the time that they are even young puppies.

4. Can be scared of things-

Given how large and impressive a great Dane really is in their physical size. But they can be scared of the strangest things. When they are a puppy, they can go through multiple stages of fear. They can develop a fear of anything whether it is a vehicle, vacuum cleaner, broom, etc. 

They are slobbering-

Great Danes do drool a lot. Yes, some may drool less and some may drool more but it is a thing you have to deal with as the owner of these giants. When they shake their head all the saliva will get stuck to the floor, wall, clothes, and even the ceiling sometimes, etc. so be ready to clean it.

5. They love to drink-

Great Danes are big drinkers. They just love just drinking tons and tons of water. The amount of water your great may differ where they live however, one thing is for sure, they do drink a lot of water throughout the day. So, make sure to provide access to fresh water all the time.

6. Powerful tail-

The one concern that most people don’t think about just because their bodies are so big and such a key focus is how long and strong these tails are now unfortunately for us these tails also fall in just the right height between knee and waist that when your dog is you know very happy and it’s wagging their tail that that tail can hurt if it connects you right at the tip of your knee or in other sensitive areas, it is going to hurt so just something to be kind of aware of in terms of introducing your dog to other people and children as well.

Pros and Cons of owning a Great Dane in India


  1. They are massive in size but have calm and relaxed nature.
  2. Great guard dogs might not be aggressive but their huge size is enough to scare away the intruder.
  3. Despite their huge size, Great Danes can comfortably live in an apartment, unlike other big dogs.
  4. They are overall easy to train and they simply love to please their owner.


  1. Does not have a very long life span.
  2. Great Danes do slobber(get ready to clean the saliva off your clothes, wall, etc).
  3. Prone to various health diseases.
  4. The monthly expense of owning a great Dane can be expensive.


Where does a great Dane come from?

Great Danes originated in Germany where they are called by another name “Deutsche Dogge” which means german mastiff.

What is the cost of a Great Dane puppy?

The average cost of a Great Dane puppy in India can range from 10,000 Rs to 35,000 Rs.

What is the average height of a Great Dane?

Male great Danes are usually a little bigger in both height and weight than female ones.

Males have an average height of 2.4 to 2.7 feet or 29 to 32 inches and can weigh up to 68 to 77 kg or 150-170 pounds.

Females have an average height of  2.4 to 2.5 or 29 – 30 inches tall and can weigh up to 54 to 68 kg or 120 to 150 pounds.

How do I get my Great Danes’ ears to stand up?

Naturally, they have hanging ears, their ears are cropped to make their ear appear to be standing, but this practice is banned in most countries and we also recommend not following this. Love them as they are.

What is the PSI of a Great Dane?

The bite force of a Great Dane dog is around 238 PSI.

How much exercise for a Great Dane?

Generally, they require 1-2 hrs of exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy both physically and mentally.

Is Great Dane available in India?

Yes, Great Danes are available in India. And it is not that difficult to find them in India. You can quickly get one from a dog breeder or a pet shop. 

What is the lifespan of a Great Dane?

Great Danes do not have a very long life span on average they live between 7 to 9 years.

Final Thoughts

Great Danes are very polite and calm in nature. They easily get socialize with your every family member and other pets also. Their polite nature makes them easily manageable.  Due to their calm nature, they can easily even live in an apartment. But, make sure to spend some time with your pet daily. Do follow our caring tips to give them a healthy and happy life. Do comment if you have some queries.

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