Finches Bird Price in India

Finches Bird Price in India 2023- Complete Care Guide And Much More.

Hello everyone, Today on Top pet products you will get to know amount an amazing Finches bird. They are cute, little, charming and very beautiful birds. They have a very sweet, mesmerizing chirping sound. They have gained huge popularity in India. In this article, I have given detailed information about Finches Bird Price in India, their types, essential caring tips, FAQs about them and much more! So If you want to make them your pet member then do read this article thoroughly.

Finches Bird Price in India 2023

On average the Finches Bird Price in India can range from 150 to 5,000 Rs. But some types of  Finches can cost you up to  10,000- 15,000 Rs. The price of the finches differs depending on their colours, types, where you purchase them, and from whom.

Types of Finches Along With Prices in India



Zebra Finch 350- 400 -/Rs
Albino Finch 400- 450 -/Rs
Society/Bengali Finch 600- 800 -/Rs
Java Finch 1,000- 2,000 -/Rs
Long-tailed Finch 1,800- 2,600 -/Rs
Diamond Finch 3,000- 5,500 -/Rs
Star Finch 3,500-3,800 -/Rs
Owl Finch 3,300- 4,500 -/Rs
Gouldian Finch 3,500-5,500 -/Rs
Strawberry Finch 3,500 - 6,000 -/Rs
Masked Finch 8,000- 10,000 -/Rs
Zebra Finch 350- 400 -/Rs
Parrot Finch 11,000- 12,500 -/Rs
Canary 10,000- 15,000 -/Rs

About Finches bird


There are tonnes of different species of finches that are commonly found in the pet trade. Finches are from all over the world, some only being found in Africa and some only being found in Australia.


Finches are available in various different colours and types. They are small birds and has pointed beak.  All the finches range between 3 to 6 inches in length and weight can vary between 16 to 27 gm.


They are generally peaceful and do not make a lot of loud noises. They do make noises which most people find very soothing. They are social birds and love to be with their bird mate and do not need a lot of attention from their owner.


They are very intelligent similar to parrots. Although it is not impossible it can be extremely difficult to train them. But a few species like zebra finches and canaries which are hand raised by humans can learn to sit on your hand or finger cue.


Finches can breed any time of the year but they generally breed after the heavy rainfall season. They can lay 4-6 eggs in a clutch and then the female incubates the eggs for about 13- 14 days. 

Health problems-

Finches are very active birds, but they can have some health issues if not taken proper care some of which are feather loss, deficiency problems like low iron, calcium which causes weakness in them, respiratory diseases, insects such as mites attacks which build up infections making them sick, diarrhoea etc.

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Basic Tips To Take Care Of Finches in India

finches bird Price in India

1. Food –

Bird Food Pellets are going to be the main food for finches, but make sure you buy the right kind and that it’s not too big for them to be able to eat. You should also give them seed mixes But in small amounts only. finches should also be offered fresh vegetables (Thoroughly wash veggies before giving them) every day. You can feed them any type of solid green as well as peas, broccoli, cauliflower and small pieces of pear and apple(Remove the seeds of the fruits). Once a week they should be given small pieces of hardboiled eggs. This doesn’t need to be fed every day, but it’s great to offer it a couple of times a week and you can just mix it in with their vegetables.

Some species of finches require more protein than others. Cordon bleu finches, for example, love getting mealworms every day. 

2. Water- 

Besides food, the other most important part of your bird’s diet is fresh clean water all day every day. Birds need water to survive and smaller birds such as finches can dehydrate in a matter of a few hours. Under the heat, bacterial growth can grow and double very easily in water and food. So, it’s very important to remember to replace fresh food after a few hours of it being offered and also replace water ideally twice per day.

3. Entertainment-

It’s really easy to keep your canaries and finches happy and entertained with simple toys. Birds absolutely love a swing perch, and these are easy to find in pet stores. I also keep a small bag of hay hanging in their cage. This is a little hay bag that I made myself for this purpose. You can easily make one with burlap or other materials. They’ll usually eat a lot of the seeds off of the hay and they just like to spend the day pecking at it and getting into it.

And it just really gives them something to do. A lot of the hay does get wasted, but they’re happy and entertained, so it’s worth it.

4. Finch Proof your Room- 

It is an important reminder that they are sensitive creatures and you need to be very careful around them. There should be no candles or air fresheners used in the same room with them. And you also shouldn’t use hairspray products and hard cleaning products such as disinfectant bleach around them. A lot of people like to put cages in the kitchen. However, this is not always a good idea if the kitchen is not well-ventilated it can have a negative effect on your finches. They are very delicate and you have to be careful about the air around them.

5. Cage Size- 

Canaries and finches should be kept in a large cage about 30 inches wide and 16 inches tall. Of course, the more birds that you have, the bigger the cage will need to be, but this would work for two birds. The cage should be wide instead of tall. Don’t give them a tall cage and never give them a cage that is round. A wide cage will give them plenty of room to fly back and forth, which is what they like to do. Round cages make flying from perch to perch very difficultly for them. There should be a few perches in the cage, but don’t clutter the cage too much. They do enjoy space to be able to jump around and fly from perch to perch.

6. Placement of the cage-

The cage should be placed above the adult’s waist height. Finches are skittish by nature and any surprise approach by a human from above can scare them and cause unnecessary stress. Additionally, if you have dogs or small children, placing the cage at a suitable height helps to avoid the same surprise approaches and allows you to keep your birds safe from harm. Finches have high sensitivity to temperature fluctuations too and drafts can kill so it’s massively important that your cage’s location isn’t near any windy areas such as open Windows, aircon units, open vents, etc the same goes for the other end of the spectrum so no space heaters or heat vents in very close proximity.

Pros and cons of owning finches


  1. They do not make loud noises like parrots.
  2. They do not need much attention from the owner.
  3. The majority of finches are quite affordable.
  4. They are available in various colours.


  1. They are very sensitive birds.
  2. They do not like to be handled as much as other birds.
  3. They do need bird mates keeping them alone is generally not good.


How much do finches cost in India?

The finches on average can cost you Between 150 to 5,000 Indian  Rupees.

Are finches legal in India?

Yes, they are legal and there are no issues in keeping them as your pet bird.

Can we put love birds and finches together?

No, not at all you should not keep them together as love birds can bully finches. 

Do finches need to be in pairs?

Yes, keeping your finches in pairs is always a good idea. If they are not coupled with their partner, they may get depressed and anxious. if you don’t want that they breed you can keep same gender finches together.

What age do finches lay eggs?

Finches can lay eggs when they are at least 6 months old. 

How many eggs can a finch lay? 

Finches can lay between 4-6 eggs in a clutch or sometimes even up to 8.

Final Thoughts

By reading the article Finches Bird price in India, It can be concluded that no doubt they are astonishing cute little creatures on earth. You can surely make them your pet. They will just fill your environment will happiness, soothing and relaxing sound. In addition to this, they are not like other birds who want your very much attention to survive, so this is a big relief. They have a very low maintenance cost. But after buying them you need to take proper care to give them a very healthy and happy life. Buy them from a genuine breeder. Do follow our mentioned caring tips regularly to avoid their health issues. So, why wait to go for it and welcome them !!

Thank you

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