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Cockatoo Price in India 2023 -Everything You need To Know

The cockatoo parrot is a highly intelligent, mischievous, and beautiful species. These species mostly have crown-like feathers on their head which makes them unique. In this article Cockatoo Price in India, I  have given detailed information about Cockatoo care tips, their price, and each everything you need to know before purchasing Cockatoo as your pet. Read it completely to get all your information.

Cockatoo Price In India

Cockatoo Price in India 2022Cockatoos are sold as pets, and the price for a pet cockatoo can range from  100K to 2000k INR. 

The price of cockatoos in India is determined by a number of factors, including the species of cockatoo, the age of the bird, the bird’s health, and the availability of the bird.

 In addition, the price of cockatoos may be affected by the time of year, as cockatoos are more expensive during the breeding season.

Location Price (INR)
Cockatoo Price in Mumbai 200K - 2000K Rs.
Cockatoo Price in Hyderabad 150K- 2000K Rs.
Cockatoo Price in Delhi 150k- 2000K Rs.
Cockatoo Price in Banglore 200k-1800k Rs.

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Types of Cockatoo (Along with Prices)

All around there are 21 species of Cockatoo in the world, but some are endangered and some of them are very difficult to find in India. So I have mentioned only those cockatoos that are generally purchased in India.

1. Umbrella Cockatoo Price in India-

The Umbrella cockatoo has a beautiful crest. The underwings are yellow in colour. The average price of a Single Umbrella cockatoo is 150 K  Rs and  300K-350K  Rs in pairs.

2. Cockatiel  Price in India (Most popular in India)

There are various types of cockatiel available in India to buy.  They come in various different colours and have a beautiful small crest.  They are also super cute and can sing. The Price of a cockatiel can range from 2K – 80k Rs in India.

Read the article Cockatiel Price in India – Ultimate Guide to  Know More about this bird.

3. Sulfur Crested Cockatoo Price in India-

Sulfur-crested is white and has a beautiful yellowish-coloured mohawk crest. It is one of the most mischievous cockatoos.

They are two types

  • Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoo – The Price of a lesser sulphur cockatoo can range from 80k – 100k Rs and 160k -200k Rs in pair.
  • Greater Sulphur Crested cockatoo- Greater sulphur cockatoo is similar to lesser Sulphur, however, It is slightly bigger than the lesser sulphur cockatoo. Its price can range from 100k- 120k Rs (Single) and 200 k -240K Rs in Pairs

4. Galah Cockatoo Price in India-

The galah cockatoo is a medium size bird, that has a light to dark grey colour back with pinkish-red colour on the chest and a light pink crest. The price of a single Galah cockatoo can range from  70k to 100k and  140K – 190K rs ( pair ).

5. Gang-gang Cockatoo Price in India-

The Gang-gang cockatoo is one of the most beautiful birds. Its body is greyish in colour and its crest is shaped like a palm tree and is red in colour. The average price of a Gang-gang cockatoo is 250K to 300K Rs and 500 k to 600K Rs in pairs. 

6. Black Palm Cockatoo Price in India (Rare)- 

The black palm cockatoo is the biggest cockatoo and is also one of the most expensive cockatoos, it is black in colour and has red colour crest has a very huge beak. The price of a single Black Palm Cockatoo is around 500K – 1100K Rs and  1000K to 2000K Rs in pairs.

7. Goffin Cockatoo Price in India-

The Goffin Cockatoo is the smallest among the cockatoos. Some people might get confused between Goffin and Bare-eyed cockatoo they look very similar, however, in Goffin, they have a small blue colour ring around the eyes while in Bared eye cockatoo the blue ring around the eyes is bigger and the blue colour is slightly darker.  The price of a single Goffin cockatoo can range from 90K- 150K Rs and  180K to 300K Rs in pairs

8. Moluccan Cockatoo Price in India- 

The Moluccan cockatoo is pinkish-white in colour and it is also known as the Salmon Crested cockatoo as it has a salmon pink crest.

The price of a single Moluccan cockatoo can range from 130 K – 150K Rs and 260K -300K Rs in pairs.

9. Major Mitchell Cockatoo Price in India-

Major Michell Cockatoo is also known as a pink cockatoo. It looks similar to a galah cockatoo but the pink colour is very light in major Mitchell and has a beautiful red yellow crest. The price of a single Mitchell Cockatoo is around 200k – 275K and 400K – 550K Rs in pairs.

10. Red tailed-black cockatoo Price in India- 

As the name says, its body is black and has a dark black crest. The Female has yellow dots on the head area.

The price of a single  Red tail cockatoo is around 700K to 1000K Rs and 150K to 2000K rs in pairs.

11. Bare eye cockatoo Price in India- 

Also known as little Corella cockatoo. As I have already discussed it is very similar to the Goffin cockatoo. It has a slight yellow beak and does not has a colourful crest. The  price of  a single Goffin cockatoo is around 150K- 200K Rs and 300k -400k Rs in pair

About Cockatoo


The cockatoo is a foreign exotic bird that is mostly found in  Australia and some close regions like Papua new guinea, Solomon island, and Indonesia


They are medium to large bird species. Cockatoos are visually appealing. There are various types of cockatoos that differ in colour and each species has a beautiful crest.


 Cockatoos are very social birds that bond closely with their human companions. They are also very active and playful and need a lot of attention and stimulation.

Cockatoos can be very loud, and their cries can be very harsh. They are also known for being nippy and can become aggressive if they don’t get enough attention.

Life span-

Cockatoo can live with you for a very long time. In a comfortable environment with proper care, their average life span can range from 30 to 100 years. If you want a pet that will remain with you forever you can consider buying a cockatoo

Sleep –

Cockatoos need 12 hours of sleep at night no matter what. No matter if you’re on vacation, or if you’re travelling. It just is what it is. 

 If you’re travelling keep them on that twelve-hour schedule put them to bed at the same time of night and get them up at the same time in the morning it’s just something you got to do. Cockatoo loves routine. So, keep that routine with your Cockatoo.


They get mature for breeding at the age of 3 years in the wild. But, in captivity, they may not start breeding till they reach 7 to 10 years. The female lays 2-3 eggs and incubates eggs for 29 days.


You can give various types of fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts like walnut, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc. you can also feed birds food designed for cockatoos.

Health problems-

Cockatoos are susceptible to a number of health problems, many of which are specific to the species. The most common cockatoo health problem is psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), which is a viral infection that attacks the bird’s immune system. Cockatoos can also suffer from psittacosis, a bacterial infection that is spread through contact with infected birds. Other common health problems include parasites, malnutrition, and respiratory infections.

The best way to prevent cockatoo health problems is to keep your cockatoo healthy and active. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help to keep your cockatoo in good condition and help to prevent health problems from developing. 

Pros and cons of Owning Cockatoo


  • Extremely sociable and cuddly birds
  • They do not hesitate to meet with strangers.
  • They have unique, funny personalities.
  • They can mimic actions and words.
  • They are extremely active and love to dance
  • They get gel up extremely well with kids.


  • They need a lot of attention
  • They might scream to grab attention or if it is not happy or have any other issue.
  • They might bite you.
  • They are extremely mischievous.
  • Can destroy your furniture, couches, etc.
  • Expensive!!

Things you should know before purchasing cockatoo

cockatoo price in india

Before you purchase a cockatoo, there are a few things you should know.

1. Wild– 

Cockatoos, first and foremost, are wild animals. They are meant to live in the wild. Even though they are human-raised cockatoos will show some of their wild instinct. So when you bring these birds into your home, you have to realize that they are wild animals. And we highly recommend buying a tamed cockatoo.

2. Money- 

Cockatoos are not cheap. They can cost several thousand dollars, so be prepared to spend some money.

3. Age –

 We recommend buying a cockatoo whose age is below eleven months. If you purchase older cockatoos and bring them into your home they might get sad or depressed as they can get extremely attached to their previous home or place. While the younger birds can fairly easily adapt to a new environment.

4.  Loves and affection- 

Cockatoos require a lot of care and attention. They need to be fed a healthy diet, and given plenty of toys and activities to keep them happy.

5. Fixed Schedule-

 Wherever you buy a bird always ask the breeder about its daily routine e.g at what time you give the food, at which time you take them out of the cage, etc. Follow the exact routine and your bird feel extremely comfortable in its new home.

6. Give more bird pellets nuts, seeds, etc.-

Although they also eat fruits they found nuts, seeds, and pellets tastier. So, definitely include these things in their diet.

Amazing Fun Facts About Cockatoo

  1. Cockatoo’s crest can tell a lot about them.
  2. They have a special kind of known as a 3-way bite. 
  3.  They are known as one of the most affectionate parrot species. They can form a deep bond with their human companion that might last forever. (especially if taken care of from an early age)
  4. It is very difficult to understand the Gender of the Cockatoo. (difference between the female and male is very minor)
  5. They are very vocal and loud and it’s possible to hear their call from a mile or 1.6 km away.

Cute And Unique Names For Your Cockatoo

Male Cockatoo NamesFemale Cockatoo Names


1. How much is a cockatoo cost?

Cockatoo can cost you around 100 K to 2000k INR. That seems way too expensive!!.

2. Can I own a cockatoo in India?

Yes, you can own a cockatoo without any issues, as they are legal in India. 

3. Do cockatoos talk?

Yes, they can, however, there is a difference between talking and mimicking they can learn and mimic some words. If you want a talkative bird consider buying African grey as they can talk (1000+ words) and can even understand the meaning of some words.

4. Are cockatoos good pets?

Yes, they can be good pets as they get easily bond with humans. And they are friendly and they seem to love getting attention. They can sometimes scream to express their feeling or to tell you something. (e.g they might scream when they are very happy and excited or may scream to seek attention etc.). They can be your entertainment companion for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I want to conclude this article Cockatoo Price in India? that if you’re thinking of adding a cockatoo to your family, it’s important to know that they require a lot of care and attention. And you have to take care of them almost throughout your life. If you are capable then only purchase these wonderful birds. Thank You For Reading!!

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