Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Cats That Don’t Scratch Furniture- Is there any?

As a cat owner, we all face The Problem of our furniture, and couches getting scratched by our lovely fur balls.  So, are there any cats that don’t scratch furniture?  The short answer is ‘NO’. There is no cat that does not scratch. However, they are certain cats that tend to do less scratching than other cats which I have mentioned below. and I have also shared some tips and tricks which will help to prevent your pet from getting scratched. So, keep reading the article if you want to save your furniture!!

Cats That Are Less Likely To Scratch Furniture

For cats, scratching comes quite naturally. It is a component of who they are. Cats frequently scratch to loosen their muscles and leave a fragrance behind, as well as to make their nails a little bit sharper and eliminate the dead outer layer of their nails. So, we know that there are no cats that don’t scratch furniture. But some do less scratching than others. Here are some of the cats that are less likely to develop obsessive scratching behaviour –

1. Ragdoll cat-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Ragdolls are cute-looking fur ball which has a calm and relaxed temperament. And most of the time love to lie back and rest. They are lazy but they are very playful and love to be around their owner all the time. Due to their relaxed easy-going temperament, they are easy to train and do not often scratch furniture like other cats.

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2. Birman cat-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Birman cat is also considered a sacred cat of Burma. Birman cats have a silky smooth coat and are low maintenance cats breed. They are affectionate and loving by nature. They are ideal pets for kids and can gel up with other pets very quickly. They are quite easy to train as well. 

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3. Raggamuffin- 

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Raggamuffin looks very similar to the Ragdoll cat breed. And have quite similar temperaments. The difference is that the ragamuffin has various different colours of eyes while the Ragdoll has only blue eyes. And the colour patterns are also different. They are cuddly cats and do not require much activity.

4. Mainecoon-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Mainecoon is a large cat breed but is gentle by heart. One of the most beautiful parts of this breed is its long fur. They do not make loud noise they simply love their owner and is sweet in nature. They are also less likely to develop excessive scratching behaviour.

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5. Scottish fold-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Scottish is one of the lazy cat breeds. They are known for their unique folded ears. which gives them an owl-like look. And they can adapt very well to anyone. They are very easy to maintain as well as easy to teach. It can be an ideal pet cat for any family.

Cats that can develop excessively scratching Behaviour [Avoid]

1. Siamese Cats-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Siamese cat is a short-haired cat breed. They are a very active cat breed. They are very intelligent but they are not at all easygoing and easy to train. They are not suitable for people who do not have any prior experience to care for cats. They can be extremely vocal as well.  They can be territorial and are most likely to develop scratching behaviours.

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2. Bengal cat-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Bengal is the most popular cat breed in India. They are very common to be found in India. They are also a very active, playful cat breed that requires a lot of exercise. They also have a high tendency to scratch furniture. However, They are quite intelligent and trainable. You can teach them to scratch where you want.

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3. Bombay cats-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Bombay cats are a hybrid cat breed. Bombay cats can be fierce and aggressive. They are affectionate however can be sometimes demanding and vocal. These breeds are not recommended for newbies(first-time owners).

4. Abyssinian cat- 

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Abyssian cat is a very energetic, playful and Affectionate cat breed. This cat breed has a slim body and it has huge pointy ears which make it look unique. They love to be with their owners and loves to seek attention. As they are very playful make sure you have a Tree scratching post for cats where they can scratch and play.

5. Siberian cat-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

The Siberian cat is long haired cat breed. Also, known as the Siberian Forest cat. They simply love to play and they have a cool and composed nature. They are not at all aggressive or destroy things. But, when not kept busy or when they get stressed or bored they are found to scratch the furniture to get rid of boredom or stress.

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Tips To Restrict The Excessive Scratching Behaviour of the cat

1. Provide better scratching options-

That is just providing our cats with a better alternative for them to scratch. That’s simply better than their couch or any other furniture in the home. And it has to be better in a few different ways. First, it has to be stable enough and heavy enough so that it doesn’t move around while your cat is scratching. Second, it should provide some different angles that the couch or other furniture cannot provide.

For example, couch armrests are typically only horizontal. What if you had a cat scratcher that is near the couch, but it has more of an angled approach to it? Cats are more typically going to lean towards that angled scratcher. Cats that really like to scratch the vertical side of furniture or on the side of your couch, they’re probably going to lean towards a taller type of scratching post where they can stretch out their whole bodies and maybe perch on top as well. Making sure this scratcher or this better option is taller than the rest of the furniture you have in the house is important to guide them towards what you want them to scratch.

2. Minimize the effect of the claws-

TrimThe Nails-

In order to minimize the effect of the claws simply trim or cut the nails. As their sharp nails will probably do some damage even if they are not trying to scratch the furniture. You can trim your cat’s nails every 14 – 20 days.

Nail caps-
cats that don't scratch furniture

Another way to minimize the effect of claws is you can use a cat nail cap. Nail caps are nothing but a cover for your cat’s nails. It can be effective but it can be difficult to find the perfect nail cap size that fits your cat’s nail.


Declawing is a medical procedure in which the part of the foot which is attached to nails is removed by doctors which completes stops the growth of the nail.

But the vet says it can be painful and will stress the cat out. It is also a way to prevent your furniture from scratches. But I suggest you go for the other methods mentioned here.

3. Using Double sided tape-

Another method which is very effective, as well as cheap, is double-sided tape. You can get the double-sided tape from any stationary store,simply place this double-sided tape on any area you don’t want your cat to scratch because when the cat tries to scratch the surface the sticky adhesive on that tape may make it very undesirable for your cat to scratch that thing and might not scratch that thing again.

4. Bubble wrap-

Cats That Don't Scratch Furniture

Bubble wrap is another way of preventing the furniture from getting scratched. Simply, wrap the area of the couch or furniture with the bubble wrap where your cat often scratches. And when your cat digs the claws into the bubble warp. This bubble will burst and will make popping sounds and cats don’t like that it might scare them away.

4. Cat scratch guard-

There are cat scratch guards easily available in the store as well as online which is quite affordable. You have to simply apply that scratch guard on the area of the furniture or sofa where your cat scratches the most and it will help to protect your furniture from getting scratches.

5. Citrus smell-

Most cats don’t like strong citrus fragrances So, you can use cotton balls soaked with a little bit of  strong fragrance or a citrus smell. Simply spray the fragrance on the cotton ball. And now it doesn’t smell very good to cats. You can place these on the furniture, couches, or any other object that you don’t want your cat to scratch.

6. Clean the area that they scratch often-

Cats scratch things for various reasons. One reason is that they want to mark their scent. So, make sure to clean the area that your cat scratches frequently to remove the scent. Due to This, your cat might not be in that area. After cleaning thoroughly you can use above mention tips to reduce their scratching.

Remember, this won’t stop their natural urge to scratch, but it will definitely help to reduce the damage.


1. Do any cats, not scratch furniture?

There are no cats in this world that do not scratch. It is their natural instinct to scratch to keep their claws sharp, to leave their scent, etc. However, some cat breeds tend to do less scratching than other breeds. Or, you can have some alternative things like scratching posts and scratching mats to scratch on.

2. What material are cats least likely to scratch?

Cats are less likely to scratch materials that are smooth, slippery and difficult to get claws in. Materials like Microfiber, Faux suede, Denim, Synthetic polyester, nylon or acrylic. are most likely they will avoid scratching.

3. Can you teach the cat not to scratch the couch?

They can not be trained to stop scratching. However, you can avoid them scratching couches by providing alternative things to scratch like a scratching post. Try the tips I mentioned above which might be helpful.

4. Is it right to declaw a cat to prevent scratching?

Declawing might prevent your things from getting scratched. However, removing the claws permanently is very unethical, and should not be practised. It will affect your cats negatively.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article Cats that don’t scratch furniture, and I have to conclude that scratching is a natural process of your cat and you can not simply stop them from doing it. However, they are some ways to prevent your things from getting scratched which I have already mentioned in detail above. Do try these Methods and let us know if it was really helpful. If you have any other method to prevent scratching please let us know in the comments. THANK YOU!!


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