bully kutta price in india

Bully Kutta Price in India 2023

Today in Toppetproducts we are talking about Bully Kutta. It is also known as the Beast from the east. It also has various other names like Indian mastiff, Pakistani mastiff, Indian bully, etc. Bully Kutta is big, muscular, intelligent, powerful and aggressive. It is very much famous in India as well as Pakistan due to its fierce and fearless guarding nature. In this article, we are going to tell about Bully Kutta Price in India and have answered questions like whether is suitable for a first-time owner?  What is its maintenance price and Much more? It is going to be a detailed guide about Bully kutta so keep reading till the end. 

Bully Kutta Price in India

The average (Indian mastiff) Bully Kutta Price in India can range from 5,000-20,000 Rs. The price can be more if you purchase from metropolitan cities and It will be quite less if you purchase from a rural area. Bully Kutta price can also vary depending on its, type, health, colour, age and gender, etc.

About Bully Kutta

Origin and History- 

This old dog, adored by royalty, originated in the Punjab area, a shared region between northern India and Eastern Pakistan, although he currently mostly resides in Pakistan, where he is being nurtured.

Since the mid-400s, this breed has been popular. Initially, This dog breed was used for hunting as well as for guarding purposes. Later, these canines were used for dog fighting. The Bully Kutta as we know it now was developed via multiple crossbreeding with sports dogs of various breeds.


The bully Kutta looks like a Great Dane more than a mastiff due to its high legs and skinny look. Overall, this monster exudes outstanding power paired with speed and agility. Adult male Bully Kutta can reach heights of up to 89 cm (35 inches), dwarfing practically any other dog breed in existence. They may easily weigh 80 kilograms, or around 170 pounds, with females being significantly smaller and lighter. They are available in various different colours like White, White and black, White and brown, Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Black, and Red.


They have a very strong protective instinct and are natural at guarding their own. They also do not require any training for this.

They are highly loyal, dedicated to their owners, and adoring. They can be violent to other dogs as well as strangers.


Bully kutta or Indian or Pakistani mastiff is a very Intelligent dog breed but they are free-will and so they like to do things on their own. They can be difficult to train and can be stubborn sometimes.


Active, muscular and strong, the breed displays all three characteristics. Hence there is a need for plentiful nutrition in food. During the proper period of growth, they should receive the proper amount of food.

In the case of a puppy, as they get older, their diet should be reduced, and once they become adults, they should be fed one meal per day consisting of 30% vegetables, 40% meat and 30% starch. Take steps to keep the water bowl clean and maintain a constant supply of water.


It is important to provide exercise to Bully Kutta if you do not give them enough exercise they can be aggressive. It is important to give them at least 1hr of exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy.

Health problems-

The Bully Kutta is a strong and healthy breed in general. However, their size renders them susceptible to health conditions common in huge and gigantic breeds, such as bloat and hip dysplasia. And the more large, such as Bully Kutta, might have drooping eyes that are prone to infection. However, the Bully Kutta benefits from the natural selection process that the breed has been subjected to for hundreds of years. Pakistani mastiffs are not affected by many of the health concerns that beset the more famous gigantic breeds since they were never a fashion-style breed centred on their appearance.

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Types of Bully Kutta

Ancient Bully Kutta-

Bully kutta price in india

Among Bully Kutta this is the oldest breed among its other types. They have extremely huge wrinkled faces and have some wrinkles on their body as well. They are very heavy and muscular. Ancient Bully Kutta also Known as Tulla Bully Kutta.

Nagi Bully Kutta-

bully kutta price in india

Naggi bulla Kutta was created in later years by dog fighters in Pakistan by cross-breeding the Ancient bully kutta aka Tulla with Greyhound and Kohati gull terrier to get a tall, slender and agile fighting type bully kutta, They do not have wrinkles and have tight skin.

Aseel Bully Kutta- 

Is a modern type of Bully Kutta which has far fewer wrinkles on it. Aseel bullies were designed to be overall better and more agile fighters than the original bully Kutta (Tulla) by combining Tulla with British canines such as Eng. Mastiffs/old English bulldogs. And often used for illegal Dog fights.

Pros and Cons of getting Bully Kutta


  1. It is an excellent guard dog, almost perfect.
  2. Bully dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate towards their human parent.
  3. They are extremely healthy breeds and it is extremely rare to have any genetic health issues.
  4. These breeds are very rough and tough and can live in the hot and cold climates of India.

Cons – 

  1. Can be very aggressive towards other dogs.
  2. These are huge dogs it requires space so, they not suitable to be kept in a small apartment.
  3. Not suitable for first-time owners as they need a strong leader.


Is Bully Kutta can a good family dog?

Bully Kutta are inherently assertive, brave, protective, and passionately loyal, all of which make them excellent guard dogs. These amazing mastiffs from the Far East become devoted friends that adore their families when properly guided and led. 

Is Bully Kutta a good pet for a novice or first-time Dog owner?

He is described as powerful, independent, difficult and demanding. His independent demeanour will mean only the strongest of leaders can take on one of these dogs. It is definitely not an ideal dog for the first-time owner as it can be simply difficult to handle these giants for them.

How much does Bully Kutta cost?

The bully kutta in India can cost between 5k- 20K Indian rupees.

How to identify Bully Kutta?

You can identify the bully kutta by its appearance as I have explained above in detail. 

What is the PSI of Bully Kutta?

 Bully Kutta’s bite force is estimated to be between 345- 400 PSI.

Can Bully Kutta beat Pitbull?

Yes, bully Kutta can beat Pitbull. A Bully Kutta has a bite force of Between 345- 400 PSI and that of a Pitbull is between 240-330 PSI. Moreover, Bully Kutta is bigger in height as well double in weight of a Pitbull. Pitbull is also a ferocious dog but there is a huge difference in size due to which Bully Kutta will beat Pitbull most of the time.

Can Bully Kutta live in an apartment?

Yes, They can live in an apartment if it is big enough otherwise it is not ideal to keep them in a small apartment. 

What does Bully Kutta eat?

As Bully Kutta is an Indian Dog breed you can give them roti(flatbreads), Boiled Rice, boiled vegetables, Meats, eggs, fruits, dairy products like curd, cottage cheese, unsweetened lassi, etc. they can eat almost every food just make sure do not feed spicy foods, junk foods, sugar, etc. just feed them plain food. you can also feed them dog food easily available in store and online.

Final Thoughts

Finally,  I simply want to conclude the article Bully Kutta price in India, that it is a strong and sturdy Indian dog breed. If you are looking for guard dogs at a cheaper price then you can surely prefer our ancient dog breed bully kutta rather than foreign breeds. As they are native to India they are easily adjustable to our climatic conditions and they have a low maintenance cost. In addition to it, you get variety in this breed so you can go as per your choice. Do take very good care of your pet after buying. Hope you have learned something new, please spread awareness about our local breeds and help them in their growth !! Hope have cleared all your doubts but if you still have any, then do comment down below.

Thank you!!

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  1. According to my opinion a bully kutta bite force is between 500 – 700 even though its not properly measured yet. I own a Dogo Argentino and Tulla Bully Kutta for which we often provide biting and charging exercises. The bite marks left by bully kutta are much deeper and more powerful than the KCI Certified Dogo Argentino. If the bite Force of Dogo is 500 psi then the bite force of Bully kutta is obviously more.

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