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Best Dog Food Gravity Feeder India 2021


Dog food gravity feeders work on the basis of gravity. It automatically fills up the below-feeding plate from the food stored in the container above, as the pet eats the food plate gets empty, and immediately food gets refilled in the plate.

There are various dog food gravity feeders available online that are quite expensive and it is also a little confusing to choose. So I have listed the best dog food gravity feeder on the basis of affordability and quality to ease your task.

Importance Of Dog Food Gravity Feeder

Most pet owners love to spend time with their pets and like to take care of everything from feeding to cleaning, but if you have a busy schedule it becomes quite difficult to feed your pet in time. In that situation, a pet feeder comes in handy. If you’re going out for a long time for some important work or somewhere else you can simply fill up the container of the feeder and your pet will get food in your absence.

Top 5 Best Dog Food Gravity Feeder

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Main features –

  • It is made of BPA free food-grade plastic
  • We can store 3.5 kg of food in the container 
  • Once the food is stored in the container it can feed small breeds for 3-4 days and big breeds for 1-2 days.
  • It is available in blue color
  • The opening of the container is at a 15-degree incline so that food flows easily into the plate.
  • It is a pet food feeder but a water feeder is also available or you can buy both in a combo.

Pros ✔️-

  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is durable. 
  • The feeding plate has round edges hence pet will not get hurt.

Cons ❌ –

Quality can be improved slightly.

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Main features –

  • It is made of plastic 
  • It is capable of storing 5.44kg of dry food 
  • It has anti-skid pad and side cutout  handles on either side
  • This product is sky blue in color.
  • It is suitable for larger breeds

Pros ✔️

  1. As it has side cutout handles it is very easy to lift and move around the house. 
  2. Container is detachable hence it is easier to clean.
  3. As it is an anti-skid pad it remains stable in one place. 
  4. Even a small kid can use it.  

Cons ❌

Container quality can be improved.

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Main features –

  • It is made of eco-friendly Polypropylene
  • It has the capacity to store 3.8kg pet food
  • This pet feeder is green in color but are available in different colors like blue, grey, marble, pink
  • It has antimicrobial base 
  • it is machine washable(dishwasher)

Pros ✔️

  1. It is easy to clean you can simply clean it by gently wiping it with a wet cloth. 
  2. It has a compact design and hence can be kept anywhere in the home; it does not require much space.
  3. It is durable.

Cons ❌ –

It is suitable for small breeds only.

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Main features –

  • It is made of high-quality plastic  plastic
  • It has an anti-skid bottom
  • Bowl’s outer layer is insect resistant.
  • It is capable of storing 3kg of pet dry food in the container

Pros ✔️

  1. It is easy to clean.
  2. as it has anti-skid bottom it doesn’t move and remains sturdy in one place.
  3. It prevents ants and other crawling insects to crawl into the food. As the bowl is insect resistant.

Cons ❌ –

The food container is too thin and can be easily dented.

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Main features –

  • It is made of eco-friendly plastic. 
  • It has anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom to ensure stable placement.
  • It has the capacity to store  1gallon or 3.79 kg of dry food. 
  • It is capable of feeding small breeds up to 6- 7 days and medium breeds up to 1-3 days.
  •  It is available in grey marble color.

Pros ✔️– 

  1. It is easy to move around the house as it has cut out handle on either side of it 
  2. It is easy to clean by hand
  3. Newbie friendly it  is quite simple to use

Cons ❌-

Durability is questionable.

Things to know before buying

1. Size – 

Size is an important factor if you have a larger breed, buy a feeder with a larger size container. If you have a small breed pet you can buy a pet feeder with a small-size container.

2. Material- 

Material is also important. Generally, all pet feeders are made of plastics. But you can go for a product made of PP  (Polypropylene) as it is non-toxic and is very durable and lightweight.

3. Easy to maintain- 

There are dog food gravity feeders which can be washed in the dishwasher and are very convenient and easy to clean. You can go for that or you can go for an automatic pet feeder that has detachable containers that are easy to clean.

4. Safety-

Is your pet mischievous, and you’re scared they’ll knock over the gravity pet feeder? Select a feeder with anti-slip grips on the bottom to assist hold the feeder in position.


1. Are gravity feeders good for dogs?

Gravity feeders can be a good answer to the issue of needing to abandon your dog at home alone. If you are unable to feed them in person, a dog gravity feeder can be used as a substitute. The goal is to ensure that the mechanism works well and that it does its function in a safe and clean manner.

2. Is it possible to put water in a gravity feeder?

 The answer is probably yes, The gravity feeder concept is certain to function equally effectively when it comes to delivering water to your dog. When your pet sips the water, the model detects a drop in the level. It will then re-fill the bowl using the theory of gravity.

3. Are Gravity Feeders Effective in Keeping Food Fresh?

The simple answer to this question is no. As the name suggests it only dispenses food to your pet that works on the basis of gravity. This implies it cannot keep food fresh on its own. This is a job that you must complete on your own.

Final thoughts

We have reached the end of this article. I have mentioned all the things about dog food gravity feeder. I want to say that a dog food gravity feeder is a great tool. I recommend buying one but you should use this product only when you are going out or when you are too busy to feed your pet dog. You should know that no product can replace a loving owner, so when you have time or you are not too busy you should feed your pet.

Hopefully, you found it helpful !!

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