Bengal Cat Price in India 2022

Bengal Cat Price in India (August 2023)

Topic- Bengal Cat Price in India 

Bengal Cats have gained huge popularity in the US and now have become popular in India also. They have gained popularity due to their leopard-like wildish amazing looks. They are very enthusiastic cats. Eager to buy them? then do read my article completely as I have given detailed information about, the Bengal cat breed, the Bengal Cat price in India, tips before buying and much more. So scroll down to read it thoroughly!!

Bengal Cat Price in India 2023

Bengal cat price in India can range from 30,000 to up to 4,00000-/ Rs. There can be various factors that can affect its prices like breeder, availability, place and patterns. 

If you go for a rosette(spotted) pattern Bengal cat it will be very costly (starting price would be from 1,00000 rs) and if you go for a marble pattern Bengal cat its price would range between 30,000 – 70,000 rs.

About Bengal Cat breed

History and Origin-

Bengal cats are hybrid cats which is a result of a crossbreed of the Asian Leopard Cat breed and a domestic cat. They were called Safari Cat until the early 70s. The name Bengal cat was adopted from the scientific name Prionailurus bengalensis of the Asian Leopard Cat breed.Bengal cats were first developed by Jean Mill in 1963 in California.


Bengal cats have a streamed body and small face with big eyes, straight round ears and a pattern very similar to Asian leopards. They are available in colours like silver,  snow, brownish red(can be light or dark), etc.


They are a very smart, athletic and affectionate cat breed. They love to play around and can form a strong relationship with the owner. Make sure to socialize from a younger age with various people and kids as w so that as other pets,So they can be comfortable around other people and pets. They can be very good cats for your family.


Grooming them is not that hectic as they have short hair and do not shed much, so weekly brushing is more than enough to keep their hair clean. Their nails can grow big and can be very sharp so, it is important to cut their nails or you can also file their nails instead of cutting them. Do regular check-ups of their ears and clean them once a week to prevent any type of infection in them.

Intelligence and trainability-

It is extremely intelligent and requires giving them challenges like puzzle toys and exercise to keep them physically as well as mentally stimulated. 

They are very wise cats  and can learn things quickly like- by observing you they can find out  where you have kept the treats , can jump to kitchen counter table as there might be some food. 

They are very trainable and can learn basic commands but it requires a lot of patience as they are a little wild and free-willed.

Health problems-

Bengal cats are healthy breeds. But, due to their huge demand, improper breeding and improper care they might get diseases like cataract, heart diseases, kidney diseases, stomach problems, UTIs, etc.
Do a regular routine health check-ups of your Bengal cat to keep them away from all the diseases.

Guide To Bringing Bengal Cat To Your Home

Bengal cat price in India

1. Is it the right cat for you –

The first thing we want to talk about is if a Bengal Cat is actually right for you or not. Yes, Bengal cats are very beautiful. 

They have beautiful coats, playful, etc. but that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to be right for you. Bengals are extremely high-energy cats. They require a lot of attention and a lot of care. 

Most people buy these cats which have become super popular and trendy from things like social media. 

When people bring these cats home, they realize they aren’t the right fit for the household, and they end up needing to be rehomed. Lots of cats end up in shelters, which is sad. 

So you’ve really thought about it and you’ve decided that a Bengal cat is going to be the right fit for your household. Then the next step is to find a reputable breeder.

2. Finding the breeder-

The next thing you’re going to want to do is to find a reputable breeder, or you can go to a rescue pet shelter and adopt one of these kitties. 

What we always suggest is finding a fully licensed Bengal breeder. You can get information about the various cat breeders online.  

All you have to do is just ask if they’re a licensed breeder. And once you have contacted them and you know that they are licensed breeders you need to again make sure by visiting the breeder to reassure that they are licensed breeders and to know how they treat their cats before buying a cat from them.

 So, now it’s time that you can put down your deposit and pick out your new kitty and start planning how you’re going to bring this little booster home.

3. Planning and organising-

Planning and organising are also very important whenever you are buying a pet. you need to keep a record of your vaccination, medication, diet plan, etc.

4. Litter box- 

At the start, you should not go with anything elaborate. Unless you already have kitty cats and something established in the house. 

Stay away from the huge or big enclosure-type litter boxes, anything that might be intimidating for your kitty cat. 

Honestly, a straight-up simple cat litter tray is probably going to be your most effective thing. When you pick up your little Bengal kitty, ask the breeder what litter they’re using. 

And I would recommend at least starting with the same type of litter. It just makes your kitty cat more comfortable, more familiar, and less likely for accidents.

 You can try different types of litterboxes and find which works best for your Bengal cat. Here are some of the best cat litter tray box in India.

5. Food Dishes-

You’re also going to need food and water dishes. 

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. You can just get a little set of bowls from the pet store or online.

The best kind of cat food bowls is going to be shallow and wide. This is so that their whiskers don’t brush up against the sides of the bowl. Cats don’t like that, they won’t eat out of them.

6. Cat scratcher-

Would recommend getting a cat scratcher, this is pretty much a must and in our opinion, you want to have a good balance of having enough scratchers around your house so that your kitty always has a place to scratch.

 There are lots of cat scratchers available in the market. You can go for a cheap cat scratcher or can do a cat tree scratching tower which might be slightly costly. 

Anyway if you’re not like us any crack scratch will work it doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant it’s just to be someplace for your kitty to get their scratching tendencies out or else they’ll scratch up your furniture.  

Know more about the best tree scratching post in India for cats.

7. Cat toys-

Cat toys are a must for this cat breed. Bengal cats have a ton of energy it’s almost like a little ball of fire. 

So,  having toys for your Bengal cat will help you get some of his/her energy out and it’s like the most enjoyable part of being a little kitty cat parent is getting to play with them.  

You can buy toys like chaser toys, hanging feather toys, chew toys, etc. if you do not provide them with enough exercise they might be destructive in your house. 

8. Cat sprays-

Although it is optional, it is better to have two types of cat sprays which are Cat deterrent spray and cat nip spray.  

Basically, anything that you didn’t want your cat to scratch or you saw your cat going to scratch you can spray that area with cat deterrent spray which basically just smells like citronella apparently kitties don’t like that which will prevent your cat from scratching that thing and,

 anywhere that you want your cat to scratch or thought that it would be like a playful place for cats you can spray with the catnip spray and it seemed to work fine.

 You can spray it on your scratcher so that the cat scratch that scratcher.

9. Harness/ Collar leash-

When you’re taking your Bengal cat outside it’s  important to have a harness or Collar leash.  

Because when the cat is on leash you can control them and while taking them from a harness or collar leash can prevent your cat from running in to aby type of incident. 

That being said when you have the harness on them you’re gonna have to supervise them all the time just because there are horror stories of kitties hanging themselves in their collars and harnesses.

10. Introducing the home and forming a bond-

Once you bring them to the house as they are very curious cats, allow them and do not interrupt them to explore the room just close the windows and doors and let them get comfortable in their new home and be gentle with them, spend time and play with them and be patient, you will form a great bond with your cat in no time.

11. Food-

We encourage you to just experiment and see what’s best for your kitty but finally, one thing that I do recommend is whatever food you feed your Bengal make sure it is a high-protein food because that is super healthy for them and super important. 

Another thing that we can suggest to you is to talk to your breeder and ask what the breeder is feeding them because chances are they’re going to be much more knowledgeable than you again with the transition from bringing your Bengal cat from the breeder to your home.

 Keeping the food consistent is just going to make that experience a lot easier. 

12. Feeding schedule-

Make sure to have a proper feeding schedule and do not feed them at random times as they can get obese.  You can feed them 3 times a day at fixed times.  (one meal in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. You can also give some treats but only in low quantities.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Bengal cat

Pros – 

  1. Bengal cats are very active and energetic.
  2. They are very smart.
  3. They do not cause allergies to peoples ( hypoallergenic cat) and does not shed much.
  4. They are friendly and affectionate.


  1. They can scratch furniture
  2. difficult to train to use the litter box.
  3. They can very mischievous.


What is the cost of a Bengal cat in India?

The average Bengal or Tiger cat price can range from 30,000 to up to 4,00000-/ Rs. 

Is the Bengal cat an Indian breed?

No, it is not an Indian cat breed. Most people get confused due to its name they think that the Bengal cat originated from the Bengal state of India. However, this is not the case.

What can I feed my Bengal cat?

The majority of the diet should be protein so you can feed them slightly cooked or raw meat (chicken, beef, goat), and eggs, can feed some veggies and fruits but in low quantity and occasionally.

Remember they are carnivore and their diet main ingredient should be meat. You also give commercial cat food available in the pet shop and buy only those cat food whose primary ingredient is meat.

Is Bengal cat legal to own in India?

Yes, Bengal is legal to own in India but make sure you buy it from a legal breeder with proper paperwork and KCI registered.

How long does a Bengal cat live? 

They have a very long life for a cat on average they can live up to 14-16 years with proper diet and care.

How to get a Bengal cat? 

Here are a few steps to getting a Bengal cat

  • Find a well-known breeder and visit them in person.
  • Check the parents of the cat before buying thoroughly(ask about health issues, look at their temperament, etc).
  • After you check their parents also check the kitten thoroughly.
    Ask the breeder about what food they feed, what is the schedule, which litter they use, etc. So, you can use the same to keep kitten will comfortable in their new home.
  • Ask for the proper paperwork, passport(if it is imported), health certificate, etc.
  • Once you have done all the checks you can buy that kitten.

How many Bengal cats are there in the world?

It is estimated to be between 5 lakh -12 lakh Bengal cats in the world.

Are Bengal cats protective of their owners?

Bengal cats can be very affectionate and attached to their owner. However, when it comes to protecting their owner like all the other cats they will run or hide. They are not dogs and do not expect them to protect you from strangers.

How big can a Bengal cat get?

They can weigh around 8- 15 pounds(3- 7 kg) and can grow up to 13- 16 inches in height. 

Final Thoughts

By reading this article Bengal cat price in India, It can be concluded that Bengal cats are a very wonderful cat breed and I have given very detailed information about them.

 If you don’t have prior experience in keeping cats as pets and you are planning to buy a Bengal cat then it is recommended to first get some experience by keeping some other kittens as pets for some time and then buy Bengal cats.

 They are highly energetic cats so you need to spend some time with them as failed to do so they can become destructive and can harm your things. So, do think twice before buying them. 

Do read carefully all tips mentioned in this article and follow caring tips to give your pet an very healthy and happy life.

Thank you for Reading!!


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